KB/S drops to 0 when I open a game


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Log: https://obsproject.com/logs/5apgJwZ1qQZw-nfA

This log is when I started the stream and immediately opened "Paint The Town Red". The bitrate tanked and I ended the stream. Less than 5 minute stream.

The stream:
Bitrate: 2000 540p 60fps
GPU: 1650 Super
Encoder: NVENC

The stream is fine until I open ANY game. Except Minecraft for some reason, maybe cause its not from Steam? I know my pc can run these games just fine during a stream because it has before, but I don't know how for that one time. I've tried lots of combos with the settings but it doesn't stop games from dropping the bitrate.

Why do games drop my kb/s to 0 instantly? I'm truthfully playing small/mid games and most of which are offline!