Question / Help OBS doesn't open in Linux Mint


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Hello I am using Linux Mint 19.3, OBS was working just fine for a few days, I used it to stream on twitch, I installed it using the official page tutorial for Ubuntu installation. So one day the OBS windows freezed and it just closed itself. Since then I can't open OBS again, when I try to do so the process appears using the top command in the terminal, and the light of my camera turns on but the program itself never shows up. If I try to open OBS more than one time, more processes show up using the top command.

I already tried uninstalling and reinstalling OBS but that didn't work out. Also I'm new using linux and it doesn't seem to be a very popular problem, so thanks if you can help me with this. If you need more information to help me I will try to give it to you. Can't really find any logs since I can't even open up the program so yeah.