1. Dezintuit

    Darkle 0.1.0

    A darker and slightly purple fork of the main Dark theme, which I chose as the base because of the smaller fonts, allowing for more content to be displayed at once. Disclaimer: I made this mostly for myself, in a single afternoon. I don't know much QSS, I just did search and replace and used...
  2. X

    Green OBS v0.1

    Green OBS Gives your OBS a green soft and nice look. how to install green obs .Enter the folder where OBS studio is installed and open the location in parentheses (...\obs-studio\data\obs-studio\themes) .Put the file named grey in the Green OBS file you downloaded to the path in parentheses...
  3. cristian44137

    YouNow Material 1.0.1

    YouNow Material Theme About Inspired on Material Design, and with OBS 28 Grey theme as a foundation, YouNow Material is deeper in greys than the base Grey theme to adapt to prolonged use and to make it more visually attractive, and it pairs up with YouNow in dark mode perfectly. YouNow...
  4. pintar9990

    Theme Rachni in cursive

    Hello, I have just installed obs in my computer and have put the theme Rachni but when I put it all the letters are in cursive, I have obs installed in other 2 computers but in those one with that theme the letter is normal. I do not know if this is normal, some of you have it in cursive like...
  5. N

    Flat Dark Blue 2022-06-27

    Same as the Flat Dark theme by luckydye found here: But in blue and with larger sliders (as they are difficult to work with otherwise in my experience).
  6. W

    Moonlight v1.0

    A nice looking, more minimal and dark(er) theme for OBS. With custom icons.
  7. Xaymar

    Ocean Blue 0.1

    Ocean Blue, a custom Theme for OBS Studio Ocean Blue is a dark mode theme with a focus on being clean and unified in how it looks. Visual elements have all had their size unified, and have a clearly distinguished color from other elements, providing better visual guidance with simple UI...
  8. Reaby

    Night Theme 1.0

    Combining best parts of all three OBS Default themes with a small tweaks here and there. Install at Obs main folder/Themes next to the default ones, this re-uses some graphical assets from the default dark theme, so it needs to be next to the default themes. 1. Unzip at default theme folder...
  9. R

    Question / Help Live stream theme.. WTF brah

    lol.. hello everyone. im gonna just say it now. im a noob when it comes to OBS. I just down loaded it yesterday. I really enjoy it so far. Rite now I'm stuck trying to add my live stream remote play window to the theme live page. The theme has downloaded just fine. My problem is with the live...
  10. D

    Idea for a new theme

    Hi! i have no idea how to code, and im also not sure if this is the right place to post this :p So i recently downloaded the "Material Dark" theme plugin, and i like the color scheme, but it changes the text and the layout of everything slightly. anyone willing to make a theme that is about as...
  11. M

    High DPI eye-friendly Dark theme 2

    There are some minor text clipping issues, which is why I didn't go above 17px. If this isn't enough for you, you can open Dark_accessibility.qss at line 38 and manually type in any font size, but expect more clipping issues the higher you go. Installation: grad the .zip archive and extract to...
  12. D

    Orange OBS v1.0

    It uses the Dark theme included with OBS as a base. Installation 1. Unzip the file. 2. Copy the contents to your OBS installation ...\obs-studio\data\obs-studio\themes 3. Launch OBS and select the theme in Settings > General > Theme 4. Apply!
  13. K

    Material Dark v1

    Largely based on the Flat Dark theme, with updated colors and shading to better match the Twitch dashboard. Download and extract contents to C:\Program Files\obs-studio\data\obs-studio\themes or wherever your OBS install resides. Restart OBS and select the Material Dark theme from Settings >...
  14. D

    Question / Help Ask For The Return Of Defalt Theme

    Today, I updated OBS Studio. (17/06/2019), and got a bad change to me. I'm vissually impaired, low vision, that uses Widows with high contrast theme, black background, white leters. The defalt theme of OBS used to use Windows theme colors. This new dar theme on OBS, is not tog god, because de...
  15. derMiepz

    YouTubey [WIP] 1.1.0

    Preamble: This theme is currently work in progress, because the YouTube integration for OBS isn't implemented yet (no ETA) and I'm not happy with some of the red colored parts of the theme (scrollbars, active tabs, highlighting of buttons and scenes/sources). As I will mention at the end, I'd...
  16. derMiepz

    Mixery 1.0.7

    About: This is a very modified version of the "Dark" theme shipped with OBS. It contains code snippets from the themes "Acri" made by @Warchamp7 and "Rachni" made by @Fenrir. Those themes are also shipped with OBS. This theme is mainly meant for OBS v23 and higher but should work with earlier...
  17. derMiepz

    Twitchy 1.1.0

    About: This is a very modified version of the "Dark" theme shipped with OBS. It contains code snippets from the themes "Acri" made by @Warchamp7 and "Rachni" made by @Fenrir. Those themes are also shipped with OBS. This theme is mainly meant for OBS v23 and higher but should work with earlier...
  18. cederick

    Twitch Theme V2

    This skin was made for the new service integration version of OBS but should work fine with others as well. Please leave a rating if you enjoy the Theme so I have some feedback! Screenshot: Installation: Just drag and drop the files from the .7z file into your Themes folder. You will need...
  19. luckydye

    Flat Dark Theme (outdated) 1.6.3

    A Flat Dark Theme for OBS Studio. How to install 1. Drag the zip file into your OBS Studio Theme Folder (...\obs-studio\data\obs-studio\themes). 2. Unpack files into the Themes folder. For latest changes download from Github