A Flat Dark Theme for OBS Studio.

How to install

1. Drag the zip file into your OBS Studio Theme Folder (...\obs-studio\data\obs-studio\themes).
2. Unpack files into the Themes folder.

Screenshot 2021-10-16 223017.jpg

For latest changes download from Github
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First release
Last update
4.92 star(s) 12 ratings

Latest updates

  1. Version 1.6.3

    - Fixed some buttons cutting of at the bottom - Some color adjustments - Red Speaker icon when...
  2. Version 1.6.1

    - SourceTree arrow fix
  3. Changes for OBS Studio version 25.x

    - small changes to sources/scenes toolbar - minor color changes

Latest reviews

Nice. Simple and sleek.
There isn't much for me to say, which is... actually a good thing. It's a simple, functional, and pleasant theme.
I feel so bad for not updating my review after the theme was updated to make the change I requested. Still my favourite theme, love it, thanks!
hahah. Its okay lol. Gald u like it!
Hands down my favourite theme. If the speaker icons turned red when muted I'd give it a full 5 stars, that's my only little nit pick about it.
Nice theme but as it hasn't been updated in sometime minor issues are building up with each new release of OBS.
Has this been abandoned by the author?
Not abandoned, just didnt look at it yet xD Github is public, everyone can make a pull request btw.
Way better than the default dark theme, love it
Best theme .. clean as! Thank you
Easy on the eyes - very clean and pro looking
A nice clean and good looking theme!
This is perfect. Clear lines and not obstructive.