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YouNow Material 1.0

YouNow Material Theme

Inspired on Material Design, and with OBS 28 Grey theme as a foundation, YouNow Material is deeper in greys than the base Grey theme to adapt to prolonged use and to make it more visually attractive, and it pairs up with YouNow in dark mode perfectly.

YouNow platform wasn't involved into the making of this theme, but I chose to make this theme for people like me that use it and want something that matches the vibes and aesthetic of their streaming site with their streaming program.

YouNow Material preview in OBS large, and with Audio Mixer

YouNow Material preview in OBS constrained, small

Installation Guide

1. First, download the ZIP file by clicking in the "Download" button on the top-right of this page.
2. Then, open the folder containing the ZIP, and extract it with your program of preference.
3. Lastly, move the file result of the extraction to the path where your OBS Themes are stored.

This is the path where you can find the Themes folder in OBS 28:

C:\Program Files (x86)\obs-studio\data\obs-studio\themes


All technical decisions on the making of this theme are based on Material Design dark mode documentation, with an appropriately color calibrated monitor and precise tools, but that doesn't mean it's approved by Google by any means, as I allowed myself some creative decisions to make the theme the most satisfactory possible. Hope you like it!
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