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  1. M

    Question / Help havening a problem with stream

    well am streamer on live me app and they give us url to stream with mine not working but my borther url is working and when i texted them they r saying that there's no problem and i should contact you (obs) to knew why u blocking my link from streaming on there website tried url for my friends...
  2. A

    Question / Help Having issues with obs giving me variable bit rate.

    I'd like to start off this thread saying I have fiber and I use the nvec encoder but recently in OBS my bitrate has been spiking to 8000kbps from 6000kbps and down to 4000kbps and back to 6000kbps before the bit rate only lowers during low movement scenes this also happens when I use x264 which...
  3. S

    Question / Help Help with OBS

    Recently I'm trying to stream need for speed and other games in twitch, But when I try using OBS, OBS just crash all along, and I don't know what to do. Is there ant version that would be able to run in my pc?
  4. A

    Question / Help Unable to stream

    somehow i am unable to stream and this message would pop up I already go to my device manager and try updating it but it said it is already up to date this is the log file
  5. I

    Question / Help Streaming Setup Help!

    Hello everyone. I currently stream Fortnite onto Facebook gaming and I am part of the Level Up Program. I'm allowed 1080p-60frames. I currently only one issue. When i am streaming, everything is fine and looks perfect until i begin to make a lot of movement (breaking trees, building, etc.). It...
  6. S

    Question / Help General Blurriness and Choppy Streaming at all settings

    Hello, I recently upgraded to a new PC and started streaming again. However I'm running into constant issues with the stream getting choppy randomly, without dropping frames, fps just seems to die on OBS and an overall fuzzy blurry look to everything including my webcam. The issue seems to be...
  7. S


    Hi guys, i want to stream APEX but every time i do so even if i have 60 fps in game , no image lost, 60 fps stable in obs that i deactivate origin in game, i started the obs optimization, i put the game in low quality , i tried using x264 or nvenc even new nvenc, add the fps+60 or fps+0...
  8. T

    Question / Help OBS NDI doesn't look so smooth

    I've been messing around with a dual pc stream setup recently because I would like the maximum performance out of my gaming pc. I first tried using the Avermedia LGHD 2 but I couldn't seem to get both my desktop and microphone audio to transfer over to my streaming pc simultaneously so I decided...
  9. A

    Question / Help OBS Streaming Bad Quality PLEASE HELP

    I have a 400 mbps download speed and a 50 mbps upload speed and i set my bitrate at 2500 and im not sure why my quality is so bad is it my settings or somethings?? My current Log File
  10. A

    Question / Help OBS won´t start Streaming

    Hello guys, About a Year ago i startet Streaming, but after i bought myself a new GPU (from GTX1050 ti to Radeon RX 580 8Gb) i get a error message, that i should check my Driver, but i have the current Driver installed. I tried to reinstall OBS, but the message still apears. I have attached the...
  11. R

    Question / Help Best stream settings for me

    Hello, Im been streaming for a littlebit now, but i can't find the best settings for me. Could someone help me? Also my ping gets high for some reason when I stream (its low when im not streaming) Im streaming on twitch. Internet : Download 40-50Mbps, Upload 10-15Mbps Specs: GTX 1060 6GB I7...
  12. L

    Question / Help Pixelated streams

    So I recently picked up streaming, and as I was playing older or lower quality games, I really didn't see the pixelation at first, but now I'm slowly moving into bigger and newer games, and whenever I move in a game, it just gets extremely pixelated and blurry, only for it to completely...
  13. Captain Caiden

    Question / Help Worse Stream Quality During Movement

    My streams used to be completely fine until most recently today I streamed and noticed that the quality was way worse than my past streams. I hadn't messed around with my settings before the stream and it seemed to only be really bad when my gameplay was showing. When I switched to fullscreen...
  14. S

    Question / Help Game is running fine but stream is lagging

    I tried to stream Kingdom Come: Deliverance through cpu and the later tried through gpu but stream is lagging. this wasnt happening before and I was able to stream without a problem suddenly this problem occured.I added some of my logs. You may take a look. I would really appreciate any kind of...
  15. S

    Question / Help Pixelated stream when moving around?

    Hey, my problem is about pixelated stream. I usually stream fortnite and whenever i start moving the quality goes pixelated and bad. I have 100 up and down internet, so my bitrate is maxed. Resolution is 1080p 60fps. Anyhow i can fix it? Im streaming using NVENC. For some reason when i tried...
  16. xJDAMx

    Question / Help Games feels sluggish when streaming

    Hello all, I am posting because I cannot figure out why my games feels sluggish but only when I stream and only with certain games (Fortnite, PUBG, Blackout... Siege and other games are fine). When I say sluggish I mean I'm still getting high frames and the stream isn't laggy but I have to...
  17. D

    OBS Browser Source(bad quality)

    Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me? I have been streaming my PS4 to my Facebook. I have done this by streaming to Twitch and then using the "Browser Source" feature on OBS. The stream is nice and smooth with good quality when viewing direct on twitch. When viewing through the OBS programme and...
  18. A

    Question / Help Choppy video stream but no fps drop

    Here's the log: I honestly don't know what to do or what the problem is. The game runs fine at 60 fps, obs says it's outputting at 60 fps, but when viewing the stream, it's choppy. It's not my internet or my viewers internet, that we tested. It's not the fps, as...
  19. G

    Question / Help Skipping Frames help!!!

    Hello everyone, I am new to OBS and streaming to swtich. I just recently built my pc and so for it has been handeling everything I throw at it well. I just completed my first stream and everything had seemed fine but when I took a look at my playback video on Twitch, I noticed it was skipping...
  20. D

    Question / Help Stream freezing/buffering/lagging

    My stream looks fine in OBS, I get no notifications or dropped frames, but when I look at my stream from the second monitor and my phone the stream is just freezing when I go fullscreen in maximum 30 seconds or if I don't go in fullscreen it's still freezing but later and I need to refresh the...