Question / Help Having issues with obs giving me variable bit rate.


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I'd like to start off this thread saying I have fiber and I use the nvec encoder but recently in OBS my bitrate has been spiking to 8000kbps from 6000kbps and down to 4000kbps and back to 6000kbps before the bit rate only lowers during low movement scenes this also happens when I use x264 which I made sure to test before I made this post but I checked my network via twitch bandwidth test tool and my quality numbers are straight 100 across every server hammering the connection even for 5 minutes with this test, ping plotter also shows no packet loss on the network at 0.5 intervals. I am baffled to see twitch streaming performance hiccup the way it does I've never had this happen until recently


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If you're not dropping any frames and quality is unaffected.. this is just normal. A constant bitrate is never really truly constant; it is normal for it to fluctuate both above and below the target you set.