bitrate jumps

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    Question / Help Stream Bitrate is randomly dropping since a week

    Since a week i cant really stream that well after about 1 hour but when i restart my stream there is like no bitrate in my obs, and sometimes OBS shows red light but i am having 4000 kbps. Here is a screenshot of a Twitch Bandwith Test (Yes this took me long Lmao, and i kicked all server with 0...
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    Question / Help Having issues with obs giving me variable bit rate.

    I'd like to start off this thread saying I have fiber and I use the nvec encoder but recently in OBS my bitrate has been spiking to 8000kbps from 6000kbps and down to 4000kbps and back to 6000kbps before the bit rate only lowers during low movement scenes this also happens when I use x264 which...
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    Question / Help Jumps CBR bitrate!

    Hi. Reason for contact - I can not get a picture of normal quality at 6000 kbps. When using NVENC encoder I set up OBS in this way: On the test stream, the bitrate jumps from 4000 to 9000. What is the reason? Shouldn't CBR be static and lock the bitrate at 6000? At the time of drawdown to...