Question / Help Help! Need advise on stream settings whilst gaming!!


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Hello all.
I have been having massive issues with my PC and the way it wont let me stream even at 720p30 without the stream looking blurry and pixelated all the time.
Iv tried every setting under the sun to get it right.
The PC I have should be more than good enough to stream and game together.

The specs are:
AMD Ryzen 7 2700 CPU.
Gigabyte X470 Ultra Gaming Motherboard.
16GB 2400mhz RAM.

Download and Upload speeds off are:
27mb download, 4.7mb upload

I know it's not the best upload to be able to stream high quality. But I'd just like to be able to do 720p 60 fps if possible.
Iv tried low and high bitrates, if tried different encoder settings, if tired different resolutions and frame rates and still nothing works.
It's getting very frustrating.
Iv just found it near impossible to sort out.

Any help would be very much appreciated as I'm pretty desperate now.


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You can start with the Auto-Configuration Wizard in the Tools menu and then adjust as required.

Post a logfile if you encounter a problem.

Speedtest results aren't generally relevant to streaming performance. They are measurements of your last mile connection only; actual streaming performance varies significantly. Use TwitchTest if you stream to Twitch for a better measurement of actual expected streaming performance.


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So iv done the Auto Config and it says I can stream at 720p 60fps. So iv done a test stream and still blurry as hell.
It auto set my bitrate to 3275kbps but when I used the TwitchTest application it said I could stream to the UK server with 36 ping and 4700kbps.
So should I change it to that?


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If it can actually stream at that resolution, yes.

Depending on your content, you may still see blurring or artifacting under fast motion.

Depending on what (if any) scaling you are doing, you may see softer edges in your stream than you do on your local display.


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Yeah I think that's mostly what it is because the game is very fast moving.
Sim racing games is what I'm playing.