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Hi guys, i want to stream APEX but every time i do so even if i have 60 fps in game , no image lost, 60 fps stable in obs that i deactivate origin in game, i started the obs optimization, i put the game in low quality , i tried using x264 or nvenc even new nvenc, add the fps+60 or fps+0, disable a lot of things tried everything that i saw on other forum , facebook gaming , streaming page , EVERYTIME i have does wierd frame lost for a brief instant max 2 min it becomes sluggish and it happen in OBS,Streamlabs,Xsplit everything but i dont have any lost image so i don't know what to do anymore, it only happen on apex!

These are my pc spec pc is brand new:

CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 2700
Motherboard: Asus B450f Strix
RAM: 16Go 2666Mhz TForce RGB
Graphic: ASUS STRIX ROG RTX 2060
SSD: Kingston 480Go
Hard Drive: 1to Seagate
Power Supply: EVGA SUPERNOVA G+ 650W 80+Gold


Hey mate, if your game uses 100% of your GPU then OBS will drop frames because it needs a couple of % to draw your scene up BEFORE it goes to the encoder. This is why you get the error no matter if you're using x264 of NVENC.

Apex is notorious for this. It has no frame-rate cap in-game. You need to find a way to cap the frame rate so that some of your GPU is free for OBS to use. It only needs 5% or so. Some people have success using v-sync to cap Apex, some people don't. It's very luck of the draw.


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i tried 2 gpu a 1070 and a 2060 with and without vsync i caped the frame at 60 , and i dont get any error its only a drop that obs or even the games pick up the stats wont move i can see a drop in obs or the game that's why its so wierd