1. F

    Delayed transitions (with editor)

    Add delay/time offset in show&hide transitions to all elements - including groups. Maybe even a timeline editor, but even a scripting/list editor is OK. You could use it to build really sofisticated lower thirds, lists, stingers - everything animated and frame accurate. Also, ability to load...
  2. Iseox

    Transition bug

    All my transitions between OBS scenes work, except when I go from one specific scene to another. I only have one that does that... I've tried several ways of resolving this, but none of them work. Can anyone help me? I have a tiny freeze that makes the source I'm going to appear, just before...
  3. D

    Transition audio is "freezing" <--- Recording of the issue. Couldn't seem to get it into a media format. This randomly seems to happen on my stinger transitions. OBS hardware acceleration is enabled. COOLER: DeepCool AK400 Zero Dark Plus Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology B660 GAMING...
  4. J

    Stingers pause on last frame before switching scenes - 29.1.1 and 29.1

    Upgraded from 29.0 to 29.1.1 and my stinger transition now pauses for a moment before switching to the next scene. Downgraded to 29.1 and the same thing happens. I uninstalled 29.1 and reinstalled 29.0 and the issue has gone away. I'm using a 3 second MP4, no alpha channel or matte. I wonder if...
  5. Crimsonland1

    Stinger not working after intro

    Recently my stinger isn’t working after the intro of my streams. And my words are being cut also. Stinger and “hey welcome back to the channel my friends” all missing after the intro. Pro Mentality gaming YT my latest live stream you can see. But it’s happened 3 streams in a row now. I have...
  6. P

    OBS Breaks when using .MOV transition

    I made a transition for myself in Adobe AE. I exported it in QuickTime (.mov) because MP4 doesn't support transparency. When applying it it works the first time, but then the stinger transition dropdown greys out and can no longer be clicked. Then the transition happens in the first frame of the...
  7. L

    Random scenes pop up during later scene transitions

    I have uploaded a stinger transition that is a 5 second long WEBM file and set the Transition Point Time to 3000 milliseconds. The first few transitions go as expected but then a scene that was previously selected seems to pop up just before the new scene fades in. Video showing the problem...
  8. B

    stinger transition delay

    I cannot able to switch immediately another scene after applying this string transition. I literally have to wait 10 seconds to switch to the next scene. so I don't know whether it's a problem with my Stinger file or is it the fault in OBS. please help me out.
  9. F

    what happened to the "use separate file" option for the track matte stinger transition?

    i recently updated my obs to the stable release of v27 after being in beta for a while. i loved using the new stinger transition feature with the track matte which helped my streams look much better. my way of using the track matte is the option to use a separate track matte file at the bottom...
  10. S

    Need advice : making a stinger with blurry effect on main cam

    Hello everyone, I'm quite a newbie on OBS so this might be a simple question. I would like to create a stinger that goes like this : Once I change scene, my main cam gets blurry then the logo shows up (with transparent background) then leaves, once the animation is over I'd like to see my...
  11. Baaasty

    Stinger Transition Problem

    2021-02-08 12-23-23 ( This is a video from the problem.The Transition ist in .mov format.
  12. H


    My question doesn't search well in these forums or google. I don't think crossfading audio is what I'm looking for... I'm using stinger transitions to change scenes. These transitions have sounds as part of the files, but they're playing too loud compared to the other sounds. I'm looking for a...
  13. Gerry

    Question / Help Fading Audio between scenes ??

    Im having bit of an issue that i need to solve I have 'starting soon' scene which i use before i start streaming, It has a music source playing in the background When i decide to begin the stream i select the new scen, then its displayed after a stinger transition The only problem im having it...
  14. U

    Question / Help OBS cuts out scene during transition

    I created a custom stinger transition (.mov) and anytime i use it my scene cuts to black for about a half second before and after the transition plays. It doesn't appear as though changing the transition point has any effect. Any way i can get rid of the black screen?
  15. P

    Question / Help Stinger - Scenes Seem to be Crossfading Under Video!

    Hi everyone :D I can't find anything online to help with this issue so hopefully someone knows what's up! I have made a stinger with a 6 frame solid image in the middle of the transition, and that's working great. I've set the Scenes to change at 1000ms, which is where the solid image comes, but...
  16. I

    Question / Help Stinger Transition Issue

    So I have a custom stinger that works but only if I manually click it at the top of the screen. I thought if I just clicked through the scenes that it would automatically stinger to the next scene. My stinger will not transition unless I click the “transition button”
  17. sozdatel_pidoras

    Media and Stinger Caching

    I think we need this feature in OBS Studio. (yeah i know slobs already have this feature but slobs sucks tbh)
  18. G

    Question / Help OBS 24.0.3 Stinger Option Missing

    I just noticed this is missing. It was there, and then when I went to set up a new scene collection, it's just gone. First image, where the gear icon used to be to use them, it's not there. Second image, the dropdown menu every guide says to go to doesn't have it either.
  19. K

    Question / Help Audio Fade Style not working

    Hello everyone, I have 2 scenes with audio (music that starts playing at scene start) and a Stinger transition. The Audio Fade Style is set to "Fade out to transition and then fade in". This doesn't seem to work. When the transition from scene 1 to scene 2 kicks in this is what happens: - scene...
  20. J

    Question / Help Stinger Not Showing Transiton Properly

    Hello! Ive installed Streamlabs OBS to use a Stinger Transiton. That wont work, I made in in AE and exported it as .avi and .mov and it still isnt using transparency Here is a gif of what it does