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I created a custom stinger transition (.mov) and anytime i use it my scene cuts to black for about a half second before and after the transition plays. It doesn't appear as though changing the transition point has any effect. Any way i can get rid of the black screen?


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Make sure that the transition is renderd in RGB + Alpha. If you use Adobe After Effects add the composition to the render queue, go to output mode and make sure channels is on RGB + Alpha.


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I re-encoded the file to huffyuv using program called FFE. Please download the programs from the link below. Follow the video on there till STEP 2.
In STEP 3, select video codec as HUFFYUV.
Then Convert it, the file format still should be .mov
Select this video in OBS. It worked perfectly for me.
Note: when you first open FFE, you may need to select the ffmpeg file to load the preset.

LINK: https://screencapturevideo.com/cool-resources/convert-alpha-movs-to-work-in-camtasia-9/