stinger transitions

  1. J

    Stingers pause on last frame before switching scenes - 29.1.1 and 29.1

    Upgraded from 29.0 to 29.1.1 and my stinger transition now pauses for a moment before switching to the next scene. Downgraded to 29.1 and the same thing happens. I uninstalled 29.1 and reinstalled 29.0 and the issue has gone away. I'm using a 3 second MP4, no alpha channel or matte. I wonder if...
  2. B

    CPU spikes when using transition

    Hi all! Let me start off by saying English isn't my native tongue, so I might have issues getting my point across, or mess up with grammar. Also, I'm a complete noob when it comes to tech, Apple and OBS :-) I tried searching through the forum, but I couldn't find the real answer just yet. I do...
  3. Z

    Black Screen after Stinger Transition

    Hello! I am currently having an issue where whenever I use my stinger transition, The game displays a Black screen for two seconds before displaying again. Is there a fix to this problem?
  4. F

    what happened to the "use separate file" option for the track matte stinger transition?

    i recently updated my obs to the stable release of v27 after being in beta for a while. i loved using the new stinger transition feature with the track matte which helped my streams look much better. my way of using the track matte is the option to use a separate track matte file at the bottom...
  5. Baaasty

    Stinger Transition Problem

    2021-02-08 12-23-23 ( This is a video from the problem.The Transition ist in .mov format.
  6. U

    Question / Help OBS cuts out scene during transition

    I created a custom stinger transition (.mov) and anytime i use it my scene cuts to black for about a half second before and after the transition plays. It doesn't appear as though changing the transition point has any effect. Any way i can get rid of the black screen?
  7. davkaz

    Efffect Filters in Transitions

    Hey guys, I made a pack with 20 stinger transitions for my community (I am teaching how to use OBS), I did all the transitions in red color. Is it possible to add Hue/Saturation (with Effect Filter - Color Correction - Hue Shift) to the stinger transitions? My idea was that people who...