stinger transition problem

  1. digi_shell

    Stinger Transition Bug, will show unused scene when transitioning.

    Hello everyone, I'm at a loss here. I'm using OBS 29.0.0. (64 bit on Windows). When I switch from scene A to B, it works fine, no complaints. But when I then switch over say, scene C, it will show scene A again for a brief moment, and not the scene B which was previously active. It doesn't do it...
  2. Planet_Xtreme

    4K Stinger Transitions - Failure?

    Hello reader. Upgraded pc from a 1600X CPU to a 5950X CPU. From 6 cores to 16 much faster cores, should have been a huge improvement in 4k streaming - There was. Sorta. For a while I used stinger transitions that were 1080P. Occasionally they slowed down my computer, but more often they would...
  3. Baaasty

    Stinger Transition Problem

    2021-02-08 12-23-23 ( This is a video from the problem.The Transition ist in .mov format.
  4. U

    Question / Help OBS cuts out scene during transition

    I created a custom stinger transition (.mov) and anytime i use it my scene cuts to black for about a half second before and after the transition plays. It doesn't appear as though changing the transition point has any effect. Any way i can get rid of the black screen?
  5. V

    Question / Help SUPER ANNOYING ISSUE

    I have put in my stinger transition but after the transition the same scene stays on the screen for about 1 second then switches, I dont have any overrides on or anything. can someone please help me out here
  6. G

    Question / Help "loading sound alerts browser source" and setting an audio delay for stinger transition.

    I don't know what causes it but I have been getting the message "loading sound alerts browser source" in the top left corner of my display which shows on stream as well. I have no idea what can be causing it so any suggestions are appreciated. I tried googling that exact phrase and found nothing...
  7. AFK_PoopShoot.YT

    Question regarding stinger transitions

    I make and render my own stinger transitions for my YouTube streams with transparent backgrounds. I use OBS to broadcast/live stream but cant seem to figure out how to or why the stingers play with a black background. When I create/render my stingers they are rendered in Quicktime, RGB + Alpha...
  8. BenniAdioZ

    Question / Help Gameplay and Cam is asynchronous to voice after Scene Switch

    hi , i have a little Problem.Im Streaming with Obs Studio newest Version thru a 2 Pc Setup via NDI Plugin. When i go live everythings is synced and looks good , but after a Scene Switch with a Stinger Transition the Gameplay and Cam is asynchronous to voice. You can see it here...
  9. V

    Question / Help Custom Stinger Transition Problem (slow frame rate; early cut off)

    Hello! I made a custom stinger for a customer. It is a .mov file with alpha channel. When I put the file in an editing software it works fine (plays normally; looks normally; is transparent), however when the file is put into OBS it will play at an extremely slow frame rate and is eventually...
  10. J

    Question / Help Stinger Not Showing Transiton Properly

    Hello! Ive installed Streamlabs OBS to use a Stinger Transiton. That wont work, I made in in AE and exported it as .avi and .mov and it still isnt using transparency Here is a gif of what it does
  11. A

    Question / Help Stinger Video Causing An Audio Buffer Sound Upon Scene Switch

    I know there are a few posts and such going around about this one. I have a stinger video file with audio on it and one without audio. the file is a webm file. i have tried all sorts of different file types. I have tried 60 fps version 30 fps version. the 60 fps version is 1.21mb file size. I am...
  12. M

    Question / Help Stinger Transition Inserting Random Scene

    Log File: Video Example: Hello! Thank you for any help/support provided. I am using a stinger transition for the first time and I'm having an odd problem --> As soon as I switch scenes (whether I click on the scene...