Question / Help Custom Stinger Transition Problem (slow frame rate; early cut off)


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I made a custom stinger for a customer. It is a .mov file with alpha channel. When I put the file in an editing software it works fine (plays normally; looks normally; is transparent), however when the file is put into OBS it will play at an extremely slow frame rate and is eventually cut off (probably because the set duration of 117 frames is reached).
It seems instead of playing at the normal frame rate it holds each frame for multiple frames and thus creates a long, slow animation. I have no idea know how to fix it.

Does anyone know what can cause such issue and how it can be fixed?

Some more information, if relevant:
- the stinger is not for me, as I don't stream, but the issue came up for the customer as well as for me
- It is the first stinger I made but I closely followed tutorials on YT which apparently worked for others
- duration is 117 frames
- transition point is frame 82
- video only (no audio)
- .mov was rendered in Sony Vegas Pro 12
- some key render settings are attached as a jpeg

Any help would be much appreciated! :)



  • render settings for mov.png
    render settings for mov.png
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need help urgently with this. If anyone has any ideas how to solve my issue, please share them here.


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After the update i have the same problem, with the old version there was everything ok. mov files rendert with blender. I think the update is the problem not the files!


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For some goofy reason unbeknownst to me...
When I minimize the obs window the problem goes away... Maybe that will help? using a mac.


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Apparently this is still a problem with OBS 26.1.0 (64 bit) Win10. I created 2 version: one at 30FPS and the other at 60FPS. They both work perfectly fine in the preview, however, to 60FPS cuts off early, and the 30FPS plays all the way through.

I wonder if this is a setting in OBS? I have my Settings -> Video -> Common FPS Value at 60. Changing this to 30 doesn't make a difference.

Hope this helps someone.


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I had the slow frame rate issue in OBS 26.0.2 on windows and fixed it by setting transition settings to duplicate scene and sources. No idea why that relates, but it removed the render lag for me. I don't know about it cutting off early.


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It seems to be fixed in 26.1 using this same method. I can now recreate the render lag at will by turning duplicate sources off. Duplicate scene doesn't seem needed, but I'm still messing with it. If it matters I only use studio mode.