Question / Help Stinger Video Causing An Audio Buffer Sound Upon Scene Switch

I know there are a few posts and such going around about this one. I have a stinger video file with audio on it and one without audio. the file is a webm file. i have tried all sorts of different file types. I have tried 60 fps version 30 fps version. the 60 fps version is 1.21mb file size. I am using windows 10. OBS studio 64 bit version. I have tried all of things suggested in the forums already. for now i can use the mute version of the stinger which causes no issue, but i really want to use the audio file version. i am using a double pc stream set up. 1 pc dedicated to obs. no cpu, gpu or ram at 100%. the 30 fps sound file version is 826KB only. and it still does it on that one as well. the video is 100% fine. it is just the audio. so when the scene switches it play a very quick audio buffer sound. (sounds horrible to listen to). and then the audio plays perfectly fine after that initial 0.5 second buffer. i am using the files from an SSD. this dedicated OBS PC has a GTX geforce 1080 in it. it has a Ryzen 7 1800 X eight core CPU in it. and it is not running any video game at all.


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I am having the same issue. Noone really seem to know the cause, and being that we are only a select few out there that have this issue, it doesnt get much support.