Question / Help OBS 24.0.3 Stinger Option Missing


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I just noticed this is missing. It was there, and then when I went to set up a new scene collection, it's just gone. First image, where the gear icon used to be to use them, it's not there. Second image, the dropdown menu every guide says to go to doesn't have it either.
obs24 stinger issue 2.PNG
obs24 stinger issue 1.PNG


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Note: Two of my scene collections have the Stinger of choice in the drop down menu on the right. The other two made more recently do not.

Tomasz Góral

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'+' as you see, plus exists but not on your picture:

After left mouse click on '+' you can see menu with stinger, please add new stringer.


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I have the exact same issue. Could anyone solve it?

reset uiwas not helping...still no "+" sign for transitions


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I have the same issue! The transition was there, but now it is not an option anymore and I have no + button