Need advice : making a stinger with blurry effect on main cam


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Hello everyone,

I'm quite a newbie on OBS so this might be a simple question.

I would like to create a stinger that goes like this :

Once I change scene, my main cam gets blurry then the logo shows up (with transparent background) then leaves, once the animation is over I'd like to see my main cam back without the blurry effect.

So far I managed to do the blurry effect (thanks to Steam FX and source mirroring) then make the logo pop out but then I need to automate the fact that the blurry effect goes away and I'm back on the main cam. I used the transition override to get the stinger only on specified scene with the blurry effect.

How can I do this ?

I searched around and saw the "Advanced Scene Switcher" plugin but couldn't find exactly what I'm looking for.

Thanks for your help !
This can be done by using the move transition plugin
You can automate the blur filter (enable/disable and change the strenght) with the move value filter and then having the Start trigger set to Activate/Deactivate.
I won't give you a step by step guide here, but this plugin is more powerfull then the name suggests, so just play with it and learn how it behaves and works.