1. Exeldro

    Replay Source 1.6.12

    Download Plugin to (slow motion) instant replay sources from memory. Add a replay source. Set the source, duration and speed in the properties. Set the replay hotkey. Replay source This source replays audio and video after it is retrieved from a replay filter by using the hotkey or the...
  2. Der Fleischmann

    Question / Help Best video format for source playback?

    Hey guys, so is there any video format that is suggested for the smoothest video playback and lowest performance impact as a media source? My guess was, that h.264 should be fine, but I am not sure about the decoding load it puts on the streaming computer, so I asked myself if there is a better...
  3. L

    Make source invisible when certain pixel on the screen changes

    Hey, I'd like to add a new source to my Fortnite stream. This source should only be displayed while I am ingame (not in main menu, etc.), so I thought about only showing it, when a certain pixel (e.g. a pixel in my health bar) has exactly color #??????. Is there any plugin out there, or could...
  4. M

    [Walkthrough] Build OBS-Studio for win64

    Hey Folks... ED: When i visit bigger Projects, im always unsure about build problems and read for easy reproduceable success stories. So heres one: I just followed the steps given within the OBS-Studio Wiki and succeeded with it. - Here are some shortcuts if your like me and just want to build...