Question / Help Reference/Inherit Scenes, or Fade Sources?


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Hi, so basically I have two scenes, one that shows a keyboard overlay and one that shows a controller overlay, and I switch between these with a hotkey. I'm using scenes for this instead of just enabling/disabling sources because I want the overlays to fade in and out. The scenes are otherwise identical aside from that one thing, and I intend for them to stay that way forever. However, right now, if I want to adjust anything about this scene, I would either have to manually make my change(s) to both scenes, or I would have to duplicate one scene, delete the other and manually set up all the relevant hotkeys again (which is a bit of a pain because I'm using keys that don't actually exist because I'm using weird AHK scripts... bleugh).

What I'm hoping for is that there's some way to have a "scene reference" or something like that, where my second scene can just "inherit" the first scene, so any changes I make to Scene1 would be automatically applied to Scene2. Alternatively, if there's a way to transition/fade individual sources, I could do everything I need with only one scene and this wouldn't be an issue at all. I can't seem to find any way to do either of these things (both online and in OBS itself) but I could be looking in the wrong place.

Is there any way to do either of these things, or is there some other solution to my problem that I haven't considered?


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There are two tools you can use:
You can add a whole scene as source. You might have missed it until now, but the source type is called "Scene".
You can group items and add as much references to this group as you like.

Using groups is preferred in my opinion, because it is a more open concept.
Use a group like this: Create a scene with all sources and arrange everything to your liking. Multi-select every source you want to appear in a second scene in this arrangement, then right-click the multiselect and choose "Group selected items". A group is created and it contains some items. Name the group.
Now create a new empty scene. Open the add source menu and choose "Group" (at the bottom of the list). Use "Add existing" and add the existing group you just created. Everything you change in this group is reflected to everywhere the group is added. So only add things to the group you want in all scenes where you have the group. You can create and add more than one group. Move sources you want in multiple scenes to groups, and keep sources alone you want in only one scene.


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Can't believe I completely missed the Scene source. Both of these sound very useful and are exactly what I need, thank you so much!