1. J

    Hot key needed

    I use Stream Deck and I really need to create a Hot Key that will perform the following task in studio mode: One Key that will Fade to Black & Stop Record One Key that will Start Record & Fade from Black NOTE: Source remains constant Thanks in advance
  2. F

    Crash during LIVE show. Random crash connected to FADE?

    Hello, in the last months, during live show broadcasted on youtube, facebook. I had Obs crashes, every 30, 40 minutes of live broadcast. I have noticed crashes happened when I move from a scene to another, during the transition FADE effect. Now I remove FADE effects, because I suspect the...
  3. A

    OBS Audio Fade in/out

    Hello, I have an Audio Source on my Mixer Audio tab called SPOTIFY. I use VR Cable to capture audio from Spotify and send it to OBS. It works fine, cause I can menage volume and mute controls from Spotify as I do for my microphone. Is there a away I can menage fade in/out volume from my SPOTIFY...
  4. S

    Any plan to intergrate "Hide and Show transition" from source menu?

    Hello, I tested with satisfaction the plug-in. Source Transitions in OBS! Any plan to integrate this in the official version? Thanks
  5. F

    Question / Help How to decrease volume of same media source between scenes?

    Hi there! First, thank you all so much for the vast trove of knowledge you're providing here. This is my first post, but I've already found several fixes for my first stream with OBS—thanks! I'm hosting a live-streamed fundraising event on Facebook Live on Friday, and I have a little feature...
  6. tinydog

    Question / Help Prevent Studio Mode from selecting previous scene when you switch scenes?

    The default behavior of Studio Mode is that when you transition/cut to a different scene, the previous scene is automatically selected in the Preview pane. I presume this is to allow for easy flip-flopping between two scenes... but I never (ever) want to do that. Is there any way to suppress...
  7. Gerry

    Question / Help Fading Audio between scenes ??

    Im having bit of an issue that i need to solve I have 'starting soon' scene which i use before i start streaming, It has a music source playing in the background When i decide to begin the stream i select the new scen, then its displayed after a stinger transition The only problem im having it...
  8. BoScotty

    Question / Help VLC Media Source Audio to fade out when changing scenes?

    Like many OBS users here, I use VLC media source to have music playing in the background. But have a few scenes where I don't have music playing, so when I switch to these scenes, the music abruptly stops. I'm wondering if there's a way I can have the Vlc media source audio smoothly transition...
  9. ShikenNuggets

    Question / Help Reference/Inherit Scenes, or Fade Sources?

    Hi, so basically I have two scenes, one that shows a keyboard overlay and one that shows a controller overlay, and I switch between these with a hotkey. I'm using scenes for this instead of just enabling/disabling sources because I want the overlays to fade in and out. The scenes are otherwise...
  10. K

    Question / Help Audio Fade Style not working

    Hello everyone, I have 2 scenes with audio (music that starts playing at scene start) and a Stinger transition. The Audio Fade Style is set to "Fade out to transition and then fade in". This doesn't seem to work. When the transition from scene 1 to scene 2 kicks in this is what happens: - scene...
  11. E

    Question / Help How to transition scenes properly?

    Is there still no way to crossfade the audio when switching from one scene to another? I've searched and searched and searched, but I can't find anything useful. (And no, I'm not referring to stinger transitions.) If not, how would I go about copying the Fade transition file and creating a...