1. Q

    Question / Help Audio Ducking When Stream Alerts Occur (StreamLabels)

    I have audio ducking enabled through a compressor for my mic to desktop/game audio, but I would like to know if there is way to duck desktop/game audio when an alert occurs (it is a source and not an audio input). For example, someone follows/subscribes to my channel during a live stream on...
  2. T

    Question / Help Ingame Sound is muffled and has bad quality

    Hey Guys, The Ingame sound while streaming is muffled, but i hear it clear. In the VODs and live the sound is supressed and sounds terrible.... And i have to say that my mic sound is good Here is the log: Im new to OBS :/ Best Greetings
  3. JonesGaming

    Question / Help I can hear my alerts when i am in another scene?

    Hello, as the title says i can hear my alerts when i am in another scene where alerts are not included. So i have my talk scene using webcam, background image, chatbox and my alerts. I then switch into my Gaming scene having the gamesource, my webcam and the Streamlabs event list. If someone...
  4. NordishD

    Question / Help Sound is stuttering at end of Stream

    Hello, I have recently had the problem that the sound (mic, system sound, etc.) at the end of my stream starts to stutter. Unfortunately, I could not reproduce the mistake, it is only noticeable that it happens when switching to the last scene. I suspected that it might be because I finished the...
  5. D

    Mic does not pick up certain sound as I speak

    Downloaded the OBS software not long ago. Watched some videos about how to configure your first OBS experience and begin recording. Seemed like the person with the guide had no problems at all with the sound quality and sound overall. Tried to record a video of me just talking and testing out...
  6. K

    Question / Help MIC/AUX audio doubling/echoing

    basically what the title says how do I fix it
  7. LastofAvari

    Question / Help Game sound level appears fine in OBS mixer, but too low in the recording

    It was working just fine on Windows 7, then I had to install Windows 10 after upgrade to Intel 8th gen hardware and now, when I record with OBS, its volume meters show good levels, but in the recorded file game audio is way too low, while mic is fine. What I've already checked: 1. OBS volume is...
  8. S

    Question / Help Help Setting up Separate Audio Tracks

    So I wanted to know if there is any way to have the discord audio from a call, on a separate audio track than desktop and game audio. I want to have 3 audio tracks in my YouTube recordings. One being my microphone, two being game/desktop audio, and three being the discord call. Again, I don't...
  9. J

    Question / Help Shallow / bad sound while streaming (for viewers)

    I decided to give streaming a go , but no matter what i do change i keep having this bad sound as if i am in a catacomb or something . I do not plan on using Mic or Cam , i use my Speakers so i do not have a mic that pics up my speakers sound , i just want to stream what i enjoy playing with...
  10. M

    Question / Help Annoying (high pitched) peeping noise - as long as OBS is running

    On my headphones it took me a while to discover, but on my boxes it came to me. I started OBS and a really high pitched peeping sound occurs as long as the programm is running. Gladly i can just mute the programm in the windows sound mixer since it only needs the audio input, but I guess this...
  11. M

    Question / Help Sound doubled/delayed

    Hey! Sometimes when I stream the game sound seems to be "delayed". It plays twice in fact. Once in real time but barely audible and then 2 seconds later in full volume. The mic works perfectly fine and is in sync with the camera. I tried the search function but none of similar problems fixed...
  12. H

    Question / Help Sound Problems

    Hello, sorry for my bad English. If you do not understand something then please write it in. My problem: Whenever I open OBs and have YT music open, for example, I always have a clunk in my headphones. If I close OBs but this is gone. I hope someone can help me Thank you very much Florian

    Question / Help OBS not recognizing Loopback

    Hi everyone. I'm trying to use Loopback to get game audio into OBS. I've created passthrough within Loopback, but they do not appear in OBS as audio inputs. In my system sound settings, they appear DO as audio inputs though, which makes me think it's an OBS issue. I've restarted all...
  14. C

    Question / Help OBS mixer not moving

    I reccently installed OBS 64 bit. I attempted to test this by trying to record from youtube. But my OBS mixer does not move in the green, yellow, red area at all when someone is talking. I think that's why when I record I get no sound. Can someone tell me how I can fix it? Ive been fooling...
  15. H

    Bug Report 64 Bit OBS Not working with displays, but 32 bit works fine.

    The 64bit version of the software will recognize, but not allow for recording/display of my mointors. Will work with game capture, but display captrue will not. 32 bit version, however, works just fine. Not sure why. Attaching logs.
  16. T

    Question / Help Sound issue

    i have the ignoring sound like chirpy/money sound best words to what it sounds like as it goes from quiet to loud while streaming on Farming Sim 17. my built in mac speakers are working fine as i found out its not my speakers as its the program. as i even tried to run Farming sim 17 without OBS...
  17. Norbik

    Question / Help del

  18. L

    Bug Report Sound Bug???

    Hello guys, i tried everything to fix my problem .. in my stream i got ever 3-10 min. a bug that my sound is comepletly gone and the people cant hear me ... that problem stays than fpr 2-3 sec. and is gone than. i tried everything stream with grafficcard instead of processor because much people...
  19. D

    Question / Help Two soundcards for monitoring

    Hi guys, I am using OBS for a live performance of small rock/pop choir. It handles multi tracks with backing tracks and video projection. My problem is now that I want to use mutliple soundcards for backing track and sync click. Since now I used monitoring option to just put the track audio...
  20. Trexx_T

    Question / Help Streaming with 7.1 Sound - Sounds weird

    Hey, my name is Trexx_T. Im 23 years old and from germany. I want to start streaming a little bit. And i think at the moment everything is working. BUT i have a Logitech G930 headset with 7.1 soundsystem and I noticed it already at Shadowplay. My sound is very weird. 7.1 or Stereo while...