1. E

    Question / Help video ohne sound

    Hallo, ich habe ein kleines problem... Ich versuche zum ersten mal videos auf zu nehmen und das klappt auch ganz gut aber wenn ich ein video aufnehmne ist alles flüssig und so aber ich habe gar kein sound wenn ich es mir im nachhinein angucke :( woran kann das liegen? am falschen audiogerät...
  2. A

    Question / Help There isn't any sound in OBS

    Can't hear (or even see on mixer) any sound. I've changed many combination of audio devices in settings, but all configurations don't work. All audio drivers are updated. I don't understand what the reason actually can be... Any ideas?
  3. T

    Question / Help DJ LiveStream using OBS and MacBook Pro

    Hi everyone. Im using OBS Studio to livestream DJ sets and I think im nearly there with my setup which is listed below MacBook Pro using OBS Studio MacBook Air using Traktor and Pioneer CDJs in advanced HID mode EpoCam Viewer to allow iPhone 11Pro as Webcam Traktor Audio 6 Soundcard Booth Out...
  4. V

    Question / Help OBS/GarageBand No Sound for live stream

    Hi guys, I’d like to stream in those days some vinyl selections on FB. My set up is: - turntables Technics 1210 - Vestax mixer - external sound card Native Instruments Audio4DJ - Macbook Pro - macOS Catalina 10.15.3 (19D76) - GarageBand - OBS 24.0.6 I’m sending the signal from turntables >...
  5. T

    Question / Help no game sound

    I have connected my ps4 to my computer via a HD 60 and have a microphone and a webcam on too. When I stream there is picture from the game sound from my microphone and picture from the webcam but not the sound from the game. anyone who knows how to get it? thanks
  6. N

    Question / Help Chose the right microphone source, but don't see it in OBS Mixer

    Hi, I want to record my audio with the Universal Audio Apollo twin Interface but I have one problem. When I go to settings - Audio - Devices - Mic/Auxiliary Audio and choose the right interface, OBS can't find the audio signal so i have no signal in the mixer. The problem is, this audio...
  7. R

    Question / Help Distorted Audio

    Hi, I recently got a new pc and am having trouble capturing audio like I used to. I use OBS to record small audio clips to use for my animation, but on my new PC it has started recording it really distorted, almost 'fuzzy' sounding. I have a video showing what the audio should be like vs what it...
  8. ElChele

    Question / Help Sound output to Zoom from PowerPoint presentation

    I have a PowerPoint presentation with several videos including sound. The video broadcasts fine...the sound (Desktop Audio) is fine on my speakers. However, the sound is not broadcast to Zoom. Live mic works fine. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong? Thanks for your help.
  9. M

    Question / Help OBS Browser And Sound Problems When Streaming

    Hello everyone, Yesterday I made my first serious Youtube live streaming with OBS, which I covered the PS5 live stream from the official live stream with descriptions of my native language on additional. But when I making it, I encountered some problems with it. Questions ahead: 1) Why did...
  10. S

    Question / Help Echo echo echo

    At first the stream sounds fine. I don’t have my stream open or anything so there isn’t anything like that goin on. But when I check the stream later there is an quick echo and even later than that the echo begins to space out more and more. I haven’t had this problem before so there are no...
  11. adexas

    Question / Help Sound Sizzle when I play bass on Scarlett 2i2

    Hello, I want to stream some music using OBS. I'm facing some problems. I use a sound interface (Scarlett 2i2 2nd Gen) and OBS Studio. Here are my problems: 1- When I want to add a new Sound Capture (entry), I choose my Scarlett but no sound is detected. 2- To have sound, I have to change...
  12. Tips

    Question / Help OBS Was working fine but... bitdefender?

    My OBS was working fine, I installed bitdefender and for some reason cannot capture in game audio anymore, I uninstall bitdefender also my nvidia drivers (now I have reinstalled these) I uninstalled OBS but no deleted the user settings and I reinstalled again with no luck
  13. DrSkull20

    Question / Help THX Spatial Audio Not Detecting Sound (Razer Synapse)

    Hi, I have the Razer Nari Wireless Gaming Headphones and with the Razer software, it adds THX Spatial Audio for better sound. In total there is Razer Nari - Game, Razer Nari - Chat, and THX Spatial Audio. In OBS the THX Spatial Audio and it can't detect any sound coming from anything. The Razer...
  14. K

    Question / Help Audio desynchronization during OBS Studio stream

    Hello, I have problem with the sound while streaming, during a game or other activity, the sound is delayed by 2-4 seconds relative to the image that is shown, I have been fighting it for over 2 hours and I have no idea how to fix it. Please help! My LAPTOP: - HP OMEN 15 SPECS:: - Intel® Core™...
  15. M

    Question / Help Independently activate or deactivate the sound of a video

    First of all, sorry for my bad English. My problem is maybe ridiculous but I don't find the solution :( I have the same video in two scene and I want to mute it just in one the scene. When I deactivate the volume of the source it happen the same in the second scene. You'll tell me that's normal...
  16. K

    Question / Help OBS makes computer quiet without lowering mixer volumes

    When OBS runs on my computer, all system sounds become much quieter. Other sounds (e.g. apps, games) stay the same. I have found forum threads where this was due to OBS lowering system / mixer volumes - however, in my case, the mixer value for system sounds stays the same, but they actually...
  17. W

    Question / Help Audio tracks

    Hello ... Would anyone be so nice to explain how those sound tracks work in OBS Studio? OBS Studio offers up to six! I need especially microphone, music, stream pc, gaming pc, discord / teamspeak. When I get to the (Advanced Audio Properties) settings in OBS Studio ... I have everything on...
  18. S

    Question / Help How do I capture the audio for a DJ stream (iMac no line in)

    I have spent months saving / buying cdjs, a mixer, speakers, webcams, iMac etc with my intention to get my live stream going. I’ve been following the DJ City walkthrough on OBS. I’m at the point where I need to add the audio capture, but my 2013 iMac has no line in? I’m going from my 2000 nexus...
  19. catgundam

    Question / Help Ripsaw HD audio output strange behavior

    Hello! Recently bought a capture card Razer Ripsaw HD and everything work perfectly except one strange thing - when I choose ripsaw as audio output device from computer (to listen some music in headphones that connected directly to ripsaw) game capture starts to lag as hell. But there is no...
  20. P

    Question / Help When streaming, no audio thorugh twitch but people in game can hear me.

    Not sure why this is happening, if it helps I use two tracks when recording. But the output for streaming is set to one track. And the mic/aux is popping up like it is responging. Just strange. Any advice? The mic is the default on the computer and in obs. Also it records fine with it...