Recorded audios are too quiet in my MacBook


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I have a problem that recorded audios are too quiet. I'm using MacBook Pro Mid 2015.

This is not a problem of OBS but I thought someone in this community could have an answer or a hint to this problem.

These are things that I've checked:

* Does PRAM reset help? No.
* Is it better in safe mode? No.
* Is it because of sound input volume preference? No, it's already max.
* Is it because of the mic of my laptop? No, it's the same with my earphone and headset.
* Is it because of the speaker of my laptop? No, it was the same when I checked out the recorded file on my work MacBook.
* Is it because it's macOS? No, it's better with my work mac (which is MacBook Pro 2019).
* Is it because of OBS? No, it's quiet when I recorded with Quicktime.
* Is it something that happened recently? No, it was like this when I recorded my voice a few years time ago. I didn't care at the time.
* Is Gain Filter solve the problem? It was better when I added about 15~20dB with the filter but it seems the quality of the audio is not very good when I use this amount of gain filter.

One strange thing is that if I see the volume bar in the Audio Mixer panel, it's not very different from my work MacBook which is working fine.

Given that I can reproduce the issue with other input devices, I assume this is a software problem but I have no idea where I should check now. I could try reinstalling the OS but that would take too much time so I'd like to avoid that option unless I'm certain that that would fix the issue.

Do you have any idea about this problem?