Choppy audio when video loops, intermittent (video example + logs)


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Here's a recording of the moment the audio glitch starts happening:
This happens intermittently during my 24/7 live stream. The video is a 1h 42m loop, and the music is coming from Radio DJ software on the same machine. Most of the time the stream plays fine, but at 0:16 (in the linked video) at the exact moment the video loops back to the beginning, the audio starts glitching and sounds choppy/stuttery. It gets progressively worse; then by 4:20 the sound is completely choppy, and stays that way forever. The video pane in the OBS interface looks pure white, and OBS is laggy and unresponsive. If I close and reopen OBS, the video pane is still white and the audio glitchy even before I start streaming. I have to reboot the computer in order to fix it.

This same problem has happened on 3 different computers.

There are 2 attached log files. From 7/9 to 7/13 the stream was fine, but at about 7:40 AM on 7/14 the audio glitch happened (see linked video). Unfortunately the log file doesn't show dates, just times. I was informed at 9:29 AM on 7/14, so I stopped streaming and shut down OBS. The second log file was my attempt to relaunch OBS without rebooting, but the glitch was still there.


  • 2020-07-09 20-23-01 - Audio glitch 2020-07-14 at ~07-40.txt
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  • 2020-07-14 09-29-44 - Still glitched after close and reopen.txt
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Just out of curiosity, have you tried using a VLC source instead of a media source for the video? I've run in to instances where the performance of the VLC source was significantly better than a media source.

Also you have quite a few 'failed to open' error on files in the log. Lines like this:

Failed to open file 'F:/Graphics/Working/Launch Sites/Launch site Wallops Island VA.png': No such file or directory

I've found that eliminating errors like those usually helps performance.