1. Ya-Grisha

    Sticking the last frame from the previous video when switching to audio

    Hello, friends! Thank you for a great program! It would have been absolutely great if, when switching to audio material, the frames from the previous video would not stick. Moreover, this does not always happen, there are also successful transitions to audio. The layers in the source are...
  2. G

    still obs massive problems - i stuck on solutions

    Hi, my obs always freeze when i am streaming. i have an high end equip but it doesnt work. I treid everything. I also changed my mainboard. my cooler because i hought it was a heat problem. nothing works. Always start with a frozen webcam (elgato Facecam) than the sound start to lag massive and...
  3. C

    Stopping Stream while attempting to reconnect always freezes OBS

    Stopping Stream While obs is attempting to reconnect stream causes obs studio to hang, almost always freeze, and sometimes even outright crash. This also prevents mp4 output (as well as other formats) from finalizing. This does not cause obs browser to freeze however.
  4. F

    Xcomposite Window Capture is frozen / does not update

    Xcomposite shows 1 frame, but never updates, remaining frozen. If I change one of the window capture settings, it renders a new frame, and stays frozen there again. It updates while I'm moving the window around, but not when left in one place. It captures my cursor over the window, but not...
  5. tinydog

    Choppy audio when video loops, intermittent (video example + logs)

    Here's a recording of the moment the audio glitch starts happening: This happens intermittently during my 24/7 live stream. The video is a 1h 42m loop, and the music is coming from Radio DJ software on the same machine. Most of the time the stream plays fine, but at...
  6. S

    Question / Help Video Capture Device Pauses

    (CONTEXT): We are using OBS to stream our church service to Facebook live. It is capturing the live video with an external camera (PTZOptics 20x 3G-SDI) and then using display capture to include slides in the stream. We also are recording the sermon portion while it streams. (PROBLEM): Around...
  7. H

    Question / Help Recording freezes, but audio works, and cursor is still visible

    I tried recording a video today and my recording seemed messed up. The recording itself was frozen, but I could still see the cursor moving around where I would've had the cursor, and the audio still plays. This happens with every game. Here's my latest log: 10:30:55.622: CoInitializeEx...
  8. S

    Question / Help Two layers (same camera) with OBS camera (ios)

    I am tinkering and testing OBS. I have connected my Iphne XR successfully with OBS camera. What Ï would like to do now is to have two layers (or two scenes) with the same camera (Iphone), one full screen and the other a small one (PiP), but as soon as I activate the second one, the first one (or...
  9. S

    Question / Help Frozen recordings

    Whenever I record my monitor, the recording freezes after a few seconds. The audio is still there but the video is frozen. Then after about 10 seconds it switches to the current frame, still frozen. Please help, its the same with OBS classic too, but I don't really use that anymore...
  10. L

    Question / Help OBS Freezing and giving me a black screen

    I just got a new laptop with Windows 10 and I've been trying to use OBS, but whenever I set up a new window or display capture, it freezes on the first frame. The audio works just fine but the screen is frozen. I've tried changing my fps and restarting my computer but it's not working. I had...
  11. T

    Question / Help (FIXED) Whether I use Display or Window Capture, my screen freezes

    OBS has been acting weird lately. I use Window Capture to record because it reduces a lot of lag, but I did try Display Capture as well. I would do Game Capture since it's a game, but that lags a lot. Each time I open the game, the Program screen is just frozen. If I record, it's either on that...
  12. L

    Question / Help Short freezes in game only with OBS [Win 10]

    So I recently upgraded to Windows 10 unfortunately since I did so I've had an OBS Studio issue. I am running the latest graphics driver but when playing Starcraft 2 I get very short freezes. This is only when I run OBS and did not occur on Windows 7. The micro freezes does not seemingly affect...
  13. E

    Question / Help looks frozen when transmitting fortnite

    Good evening, I'm having problems when transmitting Fortnite, the problem is the following, when I see the obs the game looks fluid, but when I see it through twitch it looks frozen (it gets stuck little by little and it's annoying ). Is there any solution?