Question / Help OBS Freezing and giving me a black screen


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I just got a new laptop with Windows 10 and I've been trying to use OBS, but whenever I set up a new window or display capture, it freezes on the first frame. The audio works just fine but the screen is frozen. I've tried changing my fps and restarting my computer but it's not working. I had windows 10 on my older laptop and never had any issues with it. I need this fixed fast. Here's the log file

EDIT: It started working just fine today. I don't know why it was acting up before, maybe my computer had to get used to it? Because no other screen recorders I downloaded worked either, they had the same issue.

EDIT: The same issue happened the next day HELP

LAST EDIT: I did some of my own research and it turns out it was my program. I changed some things in it, and it works alright now
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