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    Question / Help Videos Playback Lag While OBS is Open

    Very recently, I've had an issue with OBS where video playback (YouTube/Twitch) lags while the program is open. I don't even need to be streaming/recording for this issue to occur--just having it open will do the trick. This is a fairly recent issue and with the specs on my system, I don't see...
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    Question / Help Playback is really laggy (tried everything to fix)

    When I try to record minecraft, my game runs at a nice 60 fps. However, when I watch the recording, it's really laggy. I tried everything from changing the quality to 480p, and I watched every tutorial on how to get the best recording and nothing worked. I looked at other people's threads with...
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    Question / Help Playback is really laggy

    So, I want to record some minecraft videos with OBS, but when I rewatch the recording after making it, it's really laggy .I have watched all tutorials on the best settings and what to do to fix the issue, and nothing has worked. Something weird though,the first time I made a recording on the...
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    Question / Help Audio Track from Capture Card not in Mixer

    I have a recurring issue that I cannot find the cause for. Randomly, or upon a crash (or loss of power to laptop), the Audio track from my capture card (Elgato HD60 S) will become "disabled" in Windows Sound settings under "Playback" and doesn't show in the OBS audio mixer. To be clear, there...