low bitrate

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    Low bandwidth and dropped frames despite no settings changed

    I'm new here, but I've been having an issue over the past few days that I desperately need help on. Ever since the beginning of this week, I've been noticing that during the afternoons when I usually stream that my bandwidth is not as high when streaming to either twitch or youtube, not to...
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    Low Bitrate with quality 0 Twitch Bandwidth test

    I've been having issues streaming for the last couple of weeks. I used to stream perfectly and then I started to notice this buffering and lag. So I started from the bottom and check my hardware. refreshed everything. Upgraded the modem to see if that changed and while it helped for a short time...
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    Bitrate dropping/inconsistent despite wired connection

    Hi there all, this is my first time posting so apologies if this is in the wrong section. I've been trying to stream recently and have a wired connection to my router. Twitch test shows that my connection to servers (US East) is around 80 on the best, with 6000+ kb/s. But I keep running into a...
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    OBS settings for streaming

    Hello, so I've been trying to stream with 720p30 and it looks not like I expected. My upload speed is kinda normal 48.52 Mbps. My specs aren't good for streaming but I tried. CPU I5-4570 GPU GTX 1050 3Gb I tried to stream using NVENC , because my x264 looks laggy even if I choose very fast...
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    Question / Help Lower bitrate than i set

    My problem looks like I set my bitrate (CBR) to 8000Kbps and it reaches maximum 6000Kbps on the stream. It's not trough my internet because I have 30Mb of upload and i use encoder NVENC