1. Jaypoc

    Question / Help Can hotkeys be assigned to Scene Transitions drop-down options?

    Is there a way to assign hotkeys to the transition selection? I'm programming my Stream Deck which can call any keyboard hotkeys, or select and transition to a particular scene in OBS Studio. The workflow I'm looking to achieve is to assign buttons/hotkeys on the Stream Deck to CUT, FADE...
  2. BeardyMike

    Question / Help Is there a way for Hotkeys to only affect the active Scene?

    I have made a GameShow in OBS, and it has hundreds of sources that I need to turn on and off using hotkeys. I have used the A key as a hotkey for several sources on many scenes, but when I press A, it activates all those sources on all the scenes. Then when I switch to one of the affected...
  3. starbase64

    Bug Report Mouse Hotkey don't work for push2mute

    Hi, i have set mouse button 4 for push2mute but doesnt work, log is attached. obs started as admin - yes other app installed that use mouse buttons - no regards maik
  4. P

    Question / Help Hotkeys for recording don't work

    Hey guys, So recently I was trying to record a gameplay using OBS but for some reason, my hotkeys wouldn't work. I tried to record a short video (like 10 sec, just to test) by pressing the keys I assigned to start and end the capture. After I minimized the game and went to my recordings folder...
  5. codemann8

    Hotkeys on Filters

    It'd be nice if there could be hotkeys on filters as there are on sources. The use case for this is I often switch from a direct source with no delay, like a game emulator, to an actual console thru a capture card that has quite a delay. So, with the delay, I have to add a delay filter to many...
  6. L

    Question / Help Is there a way to block other programs from receiving key presses from hotkeys?

    I want to use hotkeys, but I hate that I always type something when I use them. I wonder if there is an option so only OBS receives the key press. For example when I have a hotkey on the "a" key and I press it, I want OBS to do whatever the hotkey should do, but I don't want to actually type "a"...
  7. JPStudiosUK

    Question / Help Hotkeys not working outside of OBS

    So I am running a second keyboard with LuaMacros. I set it up and mapped them into OBS to control it but they have now stopped working when I am not tabbed into OBS (they worked when I first did it over 6 hours ago before I restarted my PC). Discord runs the macros fine, and if I map them to my...
  8. R

    Question / Help Secondary keyboard as OBS controller?

    Hey all! I wondered if anyone had tried this or similar. Could OBS support and differentiate a secondary keyboard (e.g. as a hotkey / scene controller. I guess similar to a Stream Deck, or any of...
  9. G

    Question / Help Hotkeys not consistent

    I am brand new to OBS. So please excuse if that was asked before but my search here cam back empty. I am using OBS to record my multi screen setup. In the config I set that fn-F5 and fn-F6 switch between scenes. This works as expected when I'm on the desktop. However when I change to FCPX in...
  10. razorlikes

    Free AppVolumeHotkeys v2.1.1

    What can it do? With AppVolumeHotkeys you can control the volume of any application in the Windows Volume Mixer through hotkeys in the background. For example, changing the volume of a music player while playing a game without having to tab out. If you have any ideas or find any bugs, please...
  11. P

    Question / Help Hotkey scene switches with macro buttons?

    Hello! I recently got a Corsair K55, and it has 6 macro buttons. I was hoping I could bind them to switch scenes, mute mic, etc. but when I go to set the hotkeys with them it binds the keys as 1 through 6, instead of "G1" through G6 like I was hoping. I was wondering if there was any way around...
  12. K

    Question / Help Push Hotkeys

    I've seen a lot of streamers and specifically rust streamers that have a push hotkey so when they push down their map key it makes an image come on so people can't stream snipe. I've looked in the settings and the only push hotkeys I see are muting mics and unmuting. I have heard that streamers...
  13. E

    Question / Help Simulated Keypresses Do Not Activate Hotkey Actions

    Hey, I'm trying to use the Pynput library to simulate keypresses to activate a scene transition. When I use the key manually, it works correctly, but when I trigger the script, I will see the result of the simulated keypress, but the transition remains untriggered. A better understanding of the...
  14. P

    Change desktop audio volume with hotkey in obs

    I've looked online for a way to change the desktop audio volume with a keyboard shortcut only to find I could not reply with an answer. This is for anyone needing to know a work around to doing so. Below is a list of steps as an example. Add a source, "Audio Output Capture" (This will be the...
  15. Der Fleischmann

    [FEATURE REQUEST] Filter Hotkeys

    Hey guys, so I would really like to see some hotkey feature in order to switch video, or any kind of other source filter on/off. So, for example: I use a gamma filter to lighten up dark ingame scenes for my viewers, but have to do it via the "scene in scene" method. I clone the game capture...