URGENT: Show/Hide sources and resize via Hotkeys


I'm new to OBS so please bear with me. I have built a scene where I have one source that is capturing live via camera and two other sources which are video files.

The two video files are 'synced' to the action (singing/dancing) taking place from the live camera.
In the video files, the the actors don't participate 100% of the time that's taking place live.

What I would like to do is this:
Stream all 3 sources at the same time (see screenshot Sample 1). The top image is what is taking place live. The two bottom images are the video files.
When the actors in the two bottom images have nothing to do in a section of the song, I would like to 'hide' the those images and then expand the top (live) image to fill the entire screen (see screenshot Sample 2). Then when the actors in the two bottom images have something to do again, return the the layout shown in Sample 1.

I would like to do this via a Hotkey. I'm able to hide/show the two bottom video images but I can't seem to find a way to expand (transform) the top (live) image to fill the screen BY USING A HOTKEY then using another Hotkey, return to previous (Sample 1) layout.

Can this be done in OBS?

Thanks! EdK



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From a basic point of view, just create 2 scenes. One with the "everything involved" situation, and one with only the videos. Arrange things how you see fit for each scene.

Then, set a hotkey for each scene.

If you want actual movement of the sources during the transitions, then definitely check out the plugin lebaston linked.