1. jshea2

    Free OSC for OBS App v2.6.1

    OSC for OBS An Electron application that controls and listens to OBS via OSC. Made for live events for triggering and automating cues from an external application (like QLab) Requires: obs-websocket plugin OSC Commands: v2.2.0 features include: Trigger Scenes Trigger Next Scene Trigger...
  2. A

    is there a way to show mouse clicks?

    xsplit has an option to show mouse clicks, so when you click in stream/recording the cursor turns black and then back to normal. i wonder if there is a way to do that in obs.
  3. E

    URGENT: Show/Hide sources and resize via Hotkeys

    Hello! I'm new to OBS so please bear with me. I have built a scene where I have one source that is capturing live via camera and two other sources which are video files. The two video files are 'synced' to the action (singing/dancing) taking place from the live camera. In the video files...
  4. illusdidi

    Bug Report Media source rendering the last frame at the beginning

    Hi, So I have a little bug that is quite annoying, I searched about it but didn't find anything. When I add a media source with the setting "Show nothing when playback ends" unchecked, when I hide then show the media source, the last rendered frame is displayed before going back to the beginning...