Bug Report Media source rendering the last frame at the beginning


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So I have a little bug that is quite annoying, I searched about it but didn't find anything.
When I add a media source with the setting "Show nothing when playback ends" unchecked, when I hide then show the media source, the last rendered frame is displayed before going back to the beginning of the video. I don't know if i'm very clear so here is a video that shows the problem :
You can see the white bar blinking when I show the source.
(I tested with mp4, webm and mov)

Log file : https://obsproject.com/logs/OaR11TTyXKmVKM9Y


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I have this problem too, but the part about "Show nothing when playback ends"-- it happens regardless whether checked or not.


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Same thing here, anyone have a fix?

I wonder if posting my specs would help narrow down the problem