1. albedozero

    OBS Lua Source Swapper 1.0

    Choose the two sources you want to swap, along with the time duration, optional delay, and minimum size for the shrink-grow effect. The effect looks best if the positional alignment of the sources is set to "center" in the transform.
  2. C

    Question / Help Change size of source based of another source

    I have a plugin that displays what song is currently playing and the size of that source changes based on the length of the song title. Now I also want a background image (Image source) for this to change its size to fit the current song title. Is that possible somehow?
  3. ajhalls

    Question / Help Scale Webcam Transition

    I am very new to OBS Studio and am used to doing everything in Adobe Premiere, but there are some things that just look so much easier in OBS that I would like to switch. I am doing some tutorials and would like to have the webcam start full screen, then click a button / Hotkey that would then...
  4. bromagosa

    OBS Lua Transformer 1.0

    Fill in the origin and destination positions, dimensions and rotations for a source or group of sources, select an easing function among the 22 available ones and click on "Do it!" to trigger the animation. You can also trigger the animation via a hotkey. Thanks to Mun Films for sponsoring the...
  5. Xaymar

    Stream Effects

    Xaymar submitted a new resource: Stream Effects - Bring your stream to life with more modern effects! Read more about this resource...