1. JeckNoTree

    Hotkeys loading funktion

    Hello there OBS Community and Creators, my Idea for today is a function for saving and loading Hotkeys directly as a .txt file from the "Hotkey" Menu. This could be useful for sharing Hotkey lists with other users and fast rebuild them with new installations. Thank you for reading. kind...
  2. D

    OBS Python Audio Track Hotkeys 1.0.0

    This is a Python script for OBS Studio that creates hotkeys for setting audio source track assignments. This lets you quickly and easily switch an audio source between two track settings without having to use the GUI. See this article for more information, and the GitHub repository to download.
  3. K

    Voicemeeter Banana macro issue

    Hi! I have a very specific challenge I've been workshopping all day and I could really use some help with. I'm trying to get a voicemeeter banana macro to trigger a gif to switch between a "talking" and a "silent" source when mic input is detected using voicemeeters macros to f8 and Pausebreak...
  4. N

    Global Hotkeys

    Okay, I have a problem with the hotkeys. I have 3 scenes and I need to change them with: "Ctrl + Num1" "Ctrl + Num2" "Ctrl + Num3" It works great when the OBS Window is focused, but when another window is focused it doesn't work. Even if I open OBS in administrator mod there are no changes...
  5. U

    OBS Lua obs-libre-macros

    upgradeQ submitted a new resource: obs-libre-macros - Scripting and macros hotkeys in OBS Studio for Humans Read more about this resource...
  6. U

    OBS Lua obs-libre-macros 3.3.0

    Description & Installation & Usage:
  7. D

    Hotkeys not working globally

    So I'm trying to set up OBS to act like Nvida shadow play where you can hit a button and save the last X minutes of game play. However I noticed that despite running OBS as admin and having the hotkeys set to "Never disable" The hotkeys do not activate when OBS is not the current active program...
  8. B

    Hotkeys do not work when tabbed into LoL

    So I do an esports broadcast for my school. I have a hotkey that uses f17, on my G1 key on a G910 keyboard. I use it to switch to a scene, but when I am tabbed into League of legends it won't work. However in LoL my hotkey that uses the h key does work, so what do I do to fix my hotkeys not...
  9. I

    [HELP] Gamepad (G29) not able to set-up PTT with hotkeys.

    Hello, I'm encountering the issue of OBS not picking up my gamepad inputs. I'm attempting to assign a button on my wheel for PTT through OBS, and it's not being recognized. I've scoured the internet for solutions, including YouTube and even on here. I've found 1 forum which references the same...
  10. U


    upgradeQ submitted a new resource: obs-filter-hotkeys - Filter hotkeys for OBS Studio Read more about this resource...
  11. U

    OBS Lua obs-filter-hotkeys 1.0.2

    Screenshots hotkeys video audio Setup Download scripts, add via Tools > Scripts > + button (path to script) Usage Select source with filters, add Filter hotkey filter to it. In settings bind hotkeys for each filter.Note: 0 - means disable filter , 1 - enable Current limitations...
  12. S

    Hotkeys Not Working

    On OBS on Mac (10.15.7 19H2 fyi) I tried recording a Minecraft video for my channel but I couldnt pause, unpause, start recording, or stop recording. How do I get them working? (I have the latest version of OBS for mac) I only have a laptop
  13. U

    OBS Lua OBS-VirtualChat 1.1.0

    OBS-VirtualChat Write to text source , using only keyboard. MCOSU full screen example see demo Setup - download ,add it via Tools > Scripts > + button - create hotkeys for on/off. Search for "Restart" and "Stop" in settings Usage - Restart hotkey clears buffer and hooks keyboard - Stop...
  14. maykolplays

    Instant replay has a 5 second residue from older replay

    Good day everyone, I'm new to streaming and started to use your Instant replay plugin when suggested by Defrag. I'm already done with the setup and used it a couple of time and it works fine. But since I change some settings to my output settings due to performance issues, something happened...
  15. d0ped0g

    distinct hide/show hotkeys across separate instances of same source are rebound to match/duplicate the first instance when OBS is reloaded

    Hi, Long story short: if you set up hotkeys to show/hide individual source instances within a scene, if you have multiple instances of the same source, yet assign distinct hotkeys - it will work until you restart OBS studio. But as soon as you restart OBS studio, it will double-up the hotkeys...
  16. E

    URGENT: Show/Hide sources and resize via Hotkeys

    Hello! I'm new to OBS so please bear with me. I have built a scene where I have one source that is capturing live via camera and two other sources which are video files. The two video files are 'synced' to the action (singing/dancing) taking place from the live camera. In the video files...
  17. Rotblut

    Hotkey does not work since last update

    Little issue with the Hotkey settings. I try to set ^ as a hotkey for push to talk. OBS enters OBS_KEY_0x5E instead and when i press ^ ptt does not work. Any suggestion on this? It worked before the last update but after reinstalling OBS Studio it suddenly does not.
  18. U

    OBS Python Tally counter 1.1.0

    Count up,count down and reset to zero Setup and download
  19. U

    OBS Python Scripted text 1.0.0

    Scripted text Create one hotkey with scripted text + sound For windows install [python3.6] 64 or 32 bit depending on your OBS Usage Create text source. - Optionally create media source - Optionally create layer source - Open Tools>Scripts - select this script - set settings for it, change...
  20. J

    OBS Python Powerpoint slide window navigation using OBS hotkey 1.0

    I was using OBS for live broadcast for Church Service. I have been using Powerpoint to show the slides even before OBS and using one computer, navigating Powerpoint and OBS at the same time was a challenge. So, I searched solutions to do that. One of the candidate was AutoHotKey, but OBS didn't...