Voicemeeter Banana macro issue


New Member
Hi! I have a very specific challenge I've been workshopping all day and I could really use some help with. I'm trying to get a voicemeeter banana macro to trigger a gif to switch between a "talking" and a "silent" source when mic input is detected using voicemeeters macros to f8 and Pausebreak triggering them respectively. It works and it synchs up with the audio input PERFECTLY when the OBS window is in focus but not if you click on anything else. Weirdly enough the inputs work if you type them on any monitor just not though voicemeeters trigger.

Looking at similar threads the solution usually to run OBS as admin or set the advanced settings to "never disable hotkeys" but I've tried both to no avail (while running voicemeeter in admin to boot) Voicemeeter has complained that I have a "Bad Audio driver" but its Realtek, up to date and near as I can tell running audio fine.

Any ideas what I can do? I'll admit I'm not that tech savvy and mostly am trying this based on a reddit thread so its possible I'm missing something that makes this unworkable to begin with.