feature request

  1. S

    Only prevent PC from sleeping when OBS is actively being used

    When OBS is open, it prevents my PC from going to sleep or dimming the display. This means if I leave OBS open, my desktop screen can be active for several days without me realizing. I would like an option for OBS to only prevent my PC from going to sleep if I am actively recording or streaming.
  2. E

    [macOS] Keybind and/or cli argument to restart screen capture

    Currently there is no keybind to restart the macOS screen capture and it would be very useful instead of having to open the properties menu every time you need the capture restarted. And it would be useful to have a startup argument (although I think this one might not be possible without...
  3. M

    Feature Request for Mac - Add Audio Input by application

    Windows has this and I am overwhelming jealous that I can't add my Discord and Spotify set-up through my Rodecaster Duo from my streaming Mac to my Gaming PC. Mac needs the "ADD Audio Input from application window" like PC has. This seems like the only thing missing from being able to stream...
  4. K

    Project Packager

    I would really love to see a "Project Packager" in OBS It would gather all your settings, configurations, scenes and sources into one zip file. In the ZIP it would include all filters, scripts, images, videos and fonts... in fact everything that would be required to move the OBS setup to another...
  5. F

    Hotkeys for switching through Dock tabs

    It'd be useful if I could set up forward/backward hotkeys to switch tabs for the individual dock sets I have without needing to click out of whatever I'm doing and switch to the OBS window. Please consider allowing this if feasible.
  6. D

    Start recording from 10 seconds ago (similar to Replay Buffer)

    Whenever something interesting starts happening, there is a dilemma: -the interesting thing is still going on so I should wait for the buffer to fill -but if it's too long, the head of the buffer may be cut off, so I should just save the buffer multiple times and stitch it in post processing -or...
  7. skocks

    Add Source Tabs

    I conducted a cognitive walkthrough in order to see if a new user could accomplish a simple task that the software was made to accomplish. Through this cognitive walkthrough, I gained valuable insight on the UI of OBS and thought that there could be some improvements. Specifically in the create...
  8. BonesJD

    Feature Request: Window Capture Sub-Windows (right-click menus, dropdowns, preference windows etc)

    Is there a feature requests somewhere for this? Apologies if there is Feature: Ability for user to capture a specific program window and all of it's right click menus, drop downs and preferences sub-windows WITHOUT capturing any other window from another program that might open on top. (not...
  9. I

    Drag to select

    like Winspector Spy uses>>> just drag probe-scope to window to record
  10. Chetitoo

    Hotkey for region screen capture

    Since I migrated from XSplit to OBS I noticed the lack of being able to quickly capture a region of the screen. Using the alt key to zoom is too inaccurate and slow. There is another OBS based app that can do that called "Prism Live Studio".
  11. M

    Skaling a browser source should change the webpage's DPI scale

    Skaling a browser source should change the DPI scale setting of the webpage. (the thing that happens when you hit "Ctrl + Plus" and "Ctrl + Minus") This way a browser source always stays sharp. And users won't run into this problem anymore. + Option to disable it and set the dpi scale...
  12. nk_nikolay

    "Application audio capture" does not work with applications that do not have their own window

    I need to capture audio from an application that doesn't have its own window. But I can't select this application through the options, because the list only shows applications that have an active window. Example: I need to capture the Valorant game. I can add "audio capture" from this game...
  13. N

    Make option to save video and audio as separated files

    This is from the struggle that I have with OBS when it combine video and audio together automatically: When I record my screen in full HD (1920*1080) I encounter some problem, my PC is Lenovo T580 and the specs are nowhere near what was needed for video intensive operations. When I record video...
  14. J

    Choose a different key for closing the full screen and windowed previews

    Whenever you use the full screen and the windowed projector previews, if you hit the "ESC / ESCAPE" key, the preview will be closed. This is really a problem if you are capturing PowerPoint presentations, which use the same key to close them. So, if you accidentally click on the OBS preview and...
  15. Krusty4President

    Newer browser source

    Hi. While using the browser source several pages do not work. Especially those with login popups. Would it be possible to crete a browser source based on a later version och Chromium since to one in 27.1.3 still uses Chromium 75.x
  16. Krusty4President

    Backup user settings + profiles + all scene collections as a zip file

    We need a backup solution either built in or as a plugin where all user settings can be neatly backed up in a nice folder structure as a compressed archive such as zip or rar. Would be great.
  17. Krusty4President

    Keyboard shortcut to "Advanced Audio properties"

    A simple suggestion as the title says
  18. R

    [Solution for In-App video switcher] Multiview for SOURCES

    Feature Name: Advanced Source Switcher & Source Multiview (dockable/window/fullscreen) Caution: Bad English grammar ahead. Abstract Multiview for multiple scenes is already great, I know. But it's inefficient if you plan to use 1 scene per camera and it looks unorganized and intimidating if I...
  19. DeeDubious

    Option to Filter Used & Not Used Hotkeys ?

    The more scripts, media, plugins, scenes, sources, etc I add to OBS, I tend to want to be able to manage multiple functions via HotKeys using my StreamDeck and/or other macro pads but the problem is when we have alot of hotkeys being assigned, its a burden to scroll and look carefully at what...
  20. R

    Can we have a chat overlay feature like streamlabs?

    Hi, I stream using one monitor only and recently stream labs has realeased a feature that creates an in-game chat overlay so we could see chat on full-screen mode. I would really enoy something like that on OBS, i've tried some third party apps that do something similar like de restream solution...