feature request

  1. F

    Auto-detect game capture in OBS/OBS.Live

    Hi, I'm wanting to suggest that OBS/OBS.Live get the "Auto-detect game" feature like SLOBS has added earlier this year. Currently if you like to play multiple games, you either have to Make a scene for each of the games you play OR You have to manually change the game you're playing by right...
  2. P

    Make Virtual Cam support a standard feature in OBS

    Would it be possible to make Virtual cam support a standard feature in OBS? Given the number of people using Zoom and similar platforms, being able to extend the power of OBS to those would be HUGE. There are two great projects—John Boiles' OBS Virtual Cam for Mac and CatxFish VirtualCam for Win...
  3. calvinvalerian

    [ Filter Request ] Remove Webcam Film Grain

    My Logitech C922 is grainy and I want to remove it like this Adobe Photoshop filter; Filter>Noise>Reduce Noise. Like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JE1gvdoe_6o I lack financial resources and I think using a little more of my Intel i7 CPU (4 cores 8 threads) is the best I can do.
  4. Stu385

    Audio Fade With Transition

    Adding the ability to set a scenes audio to fade out with a transition would be very helpful.
  5. Deraile

    "Undo" alternative

    Hi, first let me present my utmost respect for the awesome piece of software you guys make available for all to use, and for free! It is truly great. Now, I've been using it for a while, both for streaming and recording footage, and needless to say, I love it. But on a couple occasions, it left...
  6. Cyberbeni

    Too low bitrate warning

    I think making a warning for too low bitrate (based on how much the video artifacted in the past couple minutes) would help a lot of streamers who are not aware that their video artifacts a lot and are not tech savy, so can't really decide if the viewer who recommends using higher bitrate or...
  7. E

    Make Hotkeys NOT Global

    I use hotkeys in OBS for one-handed operation while operating another machine with a few touchscreens. The hotkeys work great while I'm in OBS, and they let me switch scenes and do other things very quickly. The problem is, since they are designed to be fast (basically turning my keyboard into a...
  8. markaabo

    Question / Help Continuous recording?

    is it possible to make obs do continuous recording, like recording 10min segments and after 6 segments it deletes some and records new ones, so like you can set a max folder size or time or segments so you can record all the time but not have to stop recording and deleting un-useful footage
  9. G

    Question / Help Switching scenes by following the current (active) windows

    Hello everyone, I teach code courses and I need to change scenes frequently in OBS: every time I switch to one of the two windows I want to show to my students. I started by defining keyboard shortcuts, but it's very quickly painful (I change windows every 1-2 minutes) and I sometimes forget to...
  10. Der Fleischmann

    [FEATURE REQUEST] Filter Hotkeys

    Hey guys, so I would really like to see some hotkey feature in order to switch video, or any kind of other source filter on/off. So, for example: I use a gamma filter to lighten up dark ingame scenes for my viewers, but have to do it via the "scene in scene" method. I clone the game capture...