Make option to save video and audio as separated files


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This is from the struggle that I have with OBS when it combine video and audio together automatically:

When I record my screen in full HD (1920*1080) I encounter some problem, my PC is Lenovo T580 and the specs are nowhere near what was needed for video intensive operations. When I record video exclusively, without the audio, the recordings are done in a matter of seconds after stopping the recording, but with audio on, it takes more than half an hour with a lot of frames dropped (nearly 80% or even more) so i assumed that without the audio the PC writes the stream directly to a file which is fast, but with audio, it tries to combine the video and audio together before writing to a file and because of the rendering, a lot of frames were dropped because the PC can't handle the load.

So here's my suggestion to improve the software : give users the ability (option) to record video and audio into separate files by not automatically combine them, and make them accessible in separate files (a file for video, one or multiple files for audio as much as audio channels that the user selected) so that they may combine them later or treated it before combining (such as audacity or equivalent). Treating raw audio is much more preferable than separating the audio from the video and then to recombine them again (in my humble opinion, instead of having to get the pre-combined file, then to separate, treat it and combine again, we just give them the file directly as to make theirs lives easier). That's one benefit, the second one is that when it combines directly, if the PC is not powerful enough (mine), frames are dropped (too much to be usable) and it is destructive to the original file, since it is gone forever after OBS combined automatically, but by separating as video and audio files and write them directly from stream, it is faster and an insurance that they will always have usable file by having the original so they have more power over it and can choose their preferred software to render their video (giving the user more choices) and because it is an option, people can still select the option of having it combine as soon as the recording is over.

another benefit that I thought of is when someone decided to use all the audio channel but doesn't use all at the same time, for example, using channel 1 from time a to b, then 2 from b to c and both from c to d, but they don't know the timing and can only do it as they go, if OBS combined all the audio channel into one single file, they then can't separate useful audio from the useless ones, but if OBS offers the multiple audio files, then they can cut and pasted audio sections they want and be able to combine them however then want (sometimes when recording I really wish that audios are on separate channel/files instead of being combined into one, because you can remove garbage noise easily when not combined)

If this option is already implemented, please instruct me of how to do it, I have been looking everywhere yet to find the solution to my problem
(I really like using OBS but if the PC is not powerful enough, this is the problem that arise and I haven't found any satisfactory answer to this)
This might seem trivial, but it does give users more choice of how they want to render their videos
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