[macOS] Keybind and/or cli argument to restart screen capture


New Member
Currently there is no keybind to restart the macOS screen capture and it would be very useful instead of having to open the properties menu every time you need the capture restarted. And it would be useful to have a startup argument (although I think this one might not be possible without hurting performance) that would make it so the capture automatically restarts (since not everyone may want it to).

For context, I'm using OBS to have kind of a replay feature in my Mac (using the replay buffer) so I can save things that I might feel are important but I forgot to record, but when my Mac goes to sleep the screen capture stops and I don't want to remember to open OBS when my Mac wakes. To solve this I setup a service that runs `obs --startreplaybuffer` and setup a script using `sleepwatcher` that stops and starts the service when the Mac sleeps.