drop fps

  1. Bl4nk44

    FPS drop after launching OBS

    Hi, I have a problem with games when I start OBS my FPS drops 20 down immediately. I am not streaming from my gaming PC only sending audio/video via NDI to the other computer. I don't understand why I have such drops as the CPU usage through OBS is about 1% and the GPU doesn't seem to have...
  2. K

    PS5 Lags On Monitor

    I’ve noticed that PS5 exclusives (Ratchet & Clank, Forspoken, etc) lag on my monitor. I’m using an M1 Pro MacBook, the HD60X, and my 43” LG tv (4K 60hz LCD display) as a monitor. The games display fine on my MacBook and on a stream but the fps tanks on the tv. I’ve only noticed this with ps5...
  3. M

    Problemi con cali di frame rate solamente sul programma ma non in gioco.

    Salve a tutti, il problema è che da qualche giorno non riesco più ad andare in live a causa di questi stranissimi cali di fps che si verificano solo nel programma. Non devo neppure registrare per vederli, anche solo nell'anteprima video gli fps calano, mentre in gioco sono molto elevati. Qualche...
  4. SpeedLan

    Input lag and stutters in preview and streaming respectively

    I have two monitors. On one game, on the other preview obs. On which the game is, everything is perfect, on the preview, as if frame skips, but in the statistics there are 0 perfect As a result, the image on the stream becomes a little torn. My PC - RTX 3060ti, 10400f, 32 RAM, SSD M2. Windows...
  5. P

    Frame dropping/skipping happens for captured videos in preview window and recorded files

    First of all, I use OBS only for recording some teaching lesson videos, not for live streaming, not for game recording. PC hardware: i7-11700K, NVIDIA 1650 4G(DDR6), 32G 2666 RAM, 980pro SSD in PCIE 4.0 slot Operating System: Win 10 1809 LTSC Win 10 21H2 Enterprise OBS version: 27.2.4(the...
  6. A

    missed and skipped frames

    Hello there , first hope you will understand my broken english so I have problem with obs , I play call of duty and stream in same time ,, the problem is when i play more then 60 fps the stream start lagging I mean when I setup the game sitting on 60 fps , game run smooth and stream run smooth...
  7. Giercownik__

    Weird issue regarding Dropped Frames because of "internet"

    Hey, to start it off I am fairly new to streaming, and lately I've been having this issue where I would just stream, and from time to time my stream's upload speed drops (I can see it coming down from the 6000kbps to 2200kbps on the bottom left of my Streamlabs OBS I don't know what it's called)...
  8. T

    Dropped frames and stream laggy

    Hello! I need help with my obs. So When i try to stream games on twitch it is very laggy and choppy and I drop about 70% of my frames. I already turned down the frame rate, resolution, bit rate and changed my x264 preset. I am just wondering if it is because I have bad wifi? My average bit rate...
  9. K

    Dropped Frames (Just Started)

    Hi everyone...I was wondering if anyone could review our log and see if they see anything out of the ordinary. We have only been streaming for a little less then a year and we don't have the latest equipment and it might be time for a new computer, I don't know. But we noticed that past two...
  10. V

    FPS drops

    Hi, I hope someone can explain to me what causes FPS to drop. When using OBS on my main monitor everything is fine, FPS stays at 60 FPS. As soon as I open my multi scene window at the second screen and/or the output screen on the third monitor, FPS drops. When I open the multi scene window...
  11. U

    OBS in-game frame Dropping over 100 fps

    When I play Rainbow Six Siege without obs open, i get 250-260+ fps and asoon as I open up obs I drop over 100 fps in game and its really annoying because I'd like to stay over 165 fps for my monitor. Also when I stream, I drop even more fps with a 2070 and i7 8700k. All help is amazing and thank...
  12. Marc304

    random stuttering

    Hi, I have been trying to fix a stuttering problem for a while now. Here is a video of it: https://youtu.be/aR8bsv2BJUQ?t=609 The stats display shows no frame drops I tried to - disable/enable game mode - clean install Nvidia drivers and OBS - high process priority - run as admin - use CBR and...
  13. G

    Please help me, my obs bitrate is CRAZY but just with twitch...

    hello! first of all, I'm sorry if my enlgish is not that good, let me tell you my problem, in the past I was streaming perfectly fine, but with just 3mb upload speed and a shitty computer, now I bough a new pc, and a new internet (15mb upload speed) but I can stream because when I'm streaming...
  14. K

    Bug Report In-game FPS drops when opening OBS

    Lately I am experiencing a drop in FPS in games when opening the OBS to stream. But even when opening the OBS without streaming, the FPS drops a lot. I hope you can help me.
  15. A

    Question / Help bad quality

    hey , i got some troubke that makes me wanna record with action but obs is way better than it , i got gtx 1050 and intel core i7 but when i record any game i got lag and drops in the video 'sry for my bad en' suggest me some good settings pls :[
  16. ts0

    Question / Help Skipped frames down to 0.25 FPS, **NOT** streaming

    No, I am not streaming. I am recording a regular video. Why is my video framerate about 0.25 FPS when that is not even a framerate option? In the log (i could not find it), more than 3/4 of my video's frames were skipped. P.S. I use Streamlabs, but I did not find their forum; however, I know...
  17. N

    Question / Help Monitor 144 Hz + OBS = drop fps in games and OBS

    Hey, I got big problem with OBS studio + any game exactly a drop fps in games and OBS (when they started ) . Namely, when I had a 2x Full HD monitor 1920-1080 with 60 Hz refreshing everything worked without a problem in the game and obs. However, when I bought a new monitor exactly...
  18. B

    Question / Help Frame Drops & Rendering

    Hi everyone, I just recently upgraded my PC internals and am running into issues when streaming on Twitch. This includes rendering frame lag and randomly dropping frames. Specs: i9 9900k @ 3.6GHz NVIDIA GTX 2070 32 GB RAM 1920x1080p 60 fps I attached a picture of my current OBS settings and...
  19. V

    Question / Help FPS drops in OBS without doing anything

    Hey! Hey! Hey! Before I start I'd like to apologize for my english, I'm from germany and I hope you can understand everything! I've been streaming weekly for about a year, and it's always worked, 3 weeks ago I updated my whole computer and downloaded and installed the latest windows updates...
  20. T

    Question / Help OBS DROP FRAMES

    Hi I am using a 144hz monitor. Obs is drop fps when I close vsync in any game. My system will not fps drop. My computer can do that. I need your help