missed and skipped frames


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Hello there , first hope you will understand my broken english

so I have problem with obs , I play call of duty and stream in same time ,, the problem is when i play more then 60 fps the stream start lagging

I mean when I setup the game sitting on 60 fps , game run smooth and stream run smooth
but when I setup the game on 180 or 190 fps , game run smooth , obs screen run smooth , but the stream start lagging and start with skipped and missed fps sometime average time be red but i dont know what dose it mean

so always when i play more then 60 fps i got problem just in the stream

I checked my internet I have 1 gb download and 200 gb upload , thats so fast

my gpu 3080 ti and cpu r9 5900x

i stream on gpu

stream is running on

1920 x 1080
rate Control : CBR
Bitrate : 2500 Kbps
KeyFrame : 2
preset : quality
profile : high
gpu : 0
Maxc b-frames :2

Base : 1920x1080
output : 1280x720
downscale : bicubic
common fps : 60

thank you


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you bitrate is to smal for 720p 60 fps

1 gbits download and 200 gbits download ? ?

you mean 1 gbits down and 200.000 kbits upload or ?

here are the settings with your internet connection use 1080p and 60fps and 6000 kbits

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i play 2k 165 hz .. but output is 1080

I also find something now

when I play ultra the stream start lagging can stream normal just with 60 fps

but when i played low settings , was normal and i played with 300 fps

so the problem was the obs cant take high quality even if 1080


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have you test the settings ? to set 120 hz in display settings ? and did you have any RTX features enabled?