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  1. A

    missed and skipped frames

    Hello there , first hope you will understand my broken english so I have problem with obs , I play call of duty and stream in same time ,, the problem is when i play more then 60 fps the stream start lagging I mean when I setup the game sitting on 60 fps , game run smooth and stream run smooth...
  2. I

    Stream lag on high-end pc

    Hi! I created an account for this reason only, I started streaming on twitch about a month ago. I started streaming IDV but when I try to stream other games the stream lags and ends. I followed a few guides on how to fix it, now I can start the games but it lags a lot. My game doesn't lag at...
  3. M

    Question / Help Lag during recording and streaminging

    So i just started streaming just for fun and eveytime while streaming or recording my stream or recording lags and stutters. i have watch a lot of vids on trying how to fix this but still i got this problem. now comes the fun part while using de inbuild recoridng and streaming on my geforce...
  4. L

    Question / Help Stream is lag

    Hello) I’m a beginner streamer and downloaded OBS for myself, stream to Xbox one and Play Station 4. But I made my first stream on Xbox one, streamed to “High Quality”, but I connected the console to the Internet via cable, as well as the computer. When I started the stream, everything was...
  5. El_Nieto_PR

    Question / Help Possible Render Lag?

    I just recently built a new PC. I went with the AMD 3950x because I heard there's nothing this CPU can't do. My main goal is to stream and game from the same PC. At the beginning, my stream were fine; I was able to stream in 720p/60fps no problem. But, recently, I've noticed that the streams is...
  6. R

    Question / Help stream starts lagging after tabbing into a game

    Hi, will try to be short. So my problem is, that my stream is smooth, as long as im not ingame. After i get in a game, or tabbing into it again, it starts lagging after a short time. i already tried everything in the settings, trust me... but will still try anything to get it working. Specs...