audio capture issue

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    Question / Help Mic Audio can't decide when it actually wants to record.

    So I have been having some trouble with OBS actually recording my microphone audio lately. The actual bar shows the audio being picked up, but when I stop and rewatch the recording I cannot hear my voice yet I have the actual video audio. I recently tried using Mic/Aux for my mic audio rather...
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    Question / Help Unable to record and monitor elgato sound without it going out to desktop audio

    I have the elgato hd60 pro and I want to record the audio for it on my main stream and also output the audio to a seperate audio file for recording. I also want to listen to the elgato while streaming so I can hear the gameplay as im playing the game. I of course decided to choose monitor only...
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    Question / Help Almost no audio is recorded.

    I recorded some gameplay and noticed that the only sounds that were recorded were the louder ones and even some of them wouldn't be recorded. I didn't change any settings and previously everything was alright. Log file :
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    Question / Help Mic & Game Audio Not Captured

    Hello, so I have been trying to record myself playing a game, but the audio is not being
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    Question / Help Desktop audio only picks up certain tabs

    Hey guys, so I haven't used OBS in some time and my desktop audio has been weird since. My desktop-audio only picks up certain programs (??) -> Google Chrome and media player's audio is used, Spotify and in-game audio not. I've looked into many different threads and could not find any fix for...
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    Question / Help OBS not letting me record

    Yesterday it was my first time streaming. After I was done I wanted to record, and it didn't record my audio. So I redownloaded OBS and it still doesn't let me. It says it is picking up my mic (like the db bar is going up and down) but when I stop recording I can't hear my mic. My mic works on...
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    Bug Report OBS Audio Issue

    Whenever I try to record a bigger game like Dying Light or ARK, after a little bit the audio just stops and makes this weird noise until I stop recording or close the game. I'm not sure what the issue is and I haven't seen anyone else with this problem so I don't know how to fix it. Oddly...
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    Question / Help Desktop audio doesn't sound clear

    So suddenly my raw recording footages have shown a glitchy low sound quality. Back then it was all ok, but suddenly one day it started sounding bad. My headsets are set to 48khz, as well as my recording settings (that are at 320kbps). I don't stream, but I do upload videos on YT, and ive been...
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    My audio wont pick up

    My audio for my mic doesnt pick up for obs. Before I changed my frame rate and resolution it worked just fine but now it will not pick up no matter what I do please help me
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    Question / Help Audio issue

    I’m having issues I am on a pc and stream the games I’m playing on my pc from the same pc. However, I use the Xbox app for party chat but streamlabs obs and obs studio will not pickup any audio from the chat. Anyway to get obs to read Xbox party chat audio?
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    Question / Help No Audio Coming From Mic

    Hey all. I'm fairly new to streaming with OBS and everything, and I've encountered this weird problem with my mic. I had OBS working perfectly fine before a coworker of mine installed an SSD in my comp and I had to re-download the software and try to reset everything from the ground up...
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    Bug Report capture audio only is no longer working for my capture card

    When OBS updated to 23.2.1, it seemed to have fixed the capture audio only setting problem with my Extremecap U3. When I opened up OBS to do more recording, capture audio only quit working again. Gameplay audio comes through fine if I use directsound or waveout, but the quality is terrible...
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    Question / Help Desktop audio sounds bad, fix? My actual desktop audio is fine, but when I record things through OBS, it sounds really, really bad. Almost as if it's being recorded through a microphone. Does anyone know how to fix this?
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    Question / Help Audio issues with PS4 --> PC stream setup

    Hi all, thanks for the help!! I stream ps4 games with my dedicated streaming PC using an Elgato HD60s capture card and the Astro TR mixamp. I had a bad buzzing sound issue, which I fixed with a ground loop isolator into the 3.5mm jack of the Elgato HD60s. Now I have a new sound issue, another...
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    Question / Help OBS Audio Problems

    Hello everyone, So I have been using OBS and SLABS for a while and recently my game audio sounds like it is deafened and underwater and not as crisp on previous videos. I originally thought it was due to SLABS so I transferred myself to OBS Studio, but the same result. I then tried to adjust...