Question / Help Unable to record and monitor elgato sound without it going out to desktop audio


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I have the elgato hd60 pro and I want to record the audio for it on my main stream and also output the audio to a seperate audio file for recording. I also want to listen to the elgato while streaming so I can hear the gameplay as im playing the game. I of course decided to choose monitor only (mute output) to do this, so it will not echo for my stream or recording. The issue when I do this is that it seems to output the sound to my desktop audio no matter what I try to do. I was wondering if anyone knows how to fix this issue so I can monitor my elgato while also keeping it completely seperate from my desktop audio in both recording and streaming without an echo. Thanks!



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For monitoring, OBS is sending the audio to the device you configure in Settings->Audio->Advanced->Monitoring Device. Default is "Default", which is desktop audio.