Great plugin, still using it to this day! Although, thanks to chatGPT, I modified the Song.html to read an image from a link, which Sonixd users with local scrobbling need because Sonixd doesnt output the image, but a link within image.txt
it doesn't work at all for me, i did everything exactly like in your tutorial, but the broswer source just stays empty
This is almost exactly what I was looking for. It is awesome in it's overall ability to give viewers a way to see the song information I want them to see. Keep up the great work!
Exactly what I was after, and using local files! Allows for tweaks that I couldn't get through Snip and OBS (correctly scrolling titles/names, customisation of colours, etc.)
Thank you for a great plugin!
Perfect tool for displaying music ! I've searched a plugin like this for 3 days and this is the only result without a website where you must create a account ! Great job !
Thanks! I've been having trouble with Aiden Wallis' Widget since I switched to a mix of local files and spotify ones. Also love the customisation offered by this one!
Works just as described.

Is it possible to make it show up when a new song starts and after a couple of seconds hide itself to then show up when next song starts?
works perfectly, tutorial video link is very helpful! wayyy better than just using Snip alone
Very easy to setup and was exactly what I've been wanting. I no longer have to keep Spotify open on a second monitor and I can actually minimize it! Thanks a ton!
I'm a total n00b, but this worked great!