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win-capture-audio v2.2.3-beta

I can´t give 5 stars but I will give 100000 stars when this is corrected. There is a problem with the plugin. It´s random, but after some minutes, like 30 minutes, or more, or less I can´t tell (and in OBS LOGS we can´t see anything wrong), the audio capture just adds some kind of distortion/ noise sound, more like cutting sound popping, I can´t describe but I can show here:

This is when the audio problem starts (it can start rendomly at any time, or simply not happen):

And this is when someone from my viewers tells me, and i just select randomly another Scene Collection,, turn back, and voila:

Please solve this, because your plugin is PERFECT, no delay, no latency, no prob´s with audio buffers and everything (and please remain this exactly the same because I need this perfect sync to use it live stream while playing guitar above sources captured by your plugin).

Thank you very much!
Works perfectly on LTSC 2021 21H2. If you're running an older LTSC version, try 1.0.0-alpha.2. It works for some applications and is better than nothing. The only thing I dislike is if you mute OBS in Windows mixer, then this plugin doesn't capture any sound.
The idea is fantastic.
But there's a known issue that really is a pain in the a**.
Something like every 30 minuts, every sound is inaudible.. It crashes like robot voices or something..
Whenever you get the new version of OBS, something like this happens.
Good tool, but I have some problems with it.

Regularly when I try to capture audio from Teams conference my video drive do something like restarting and then I have to restart OBS. It happens only during the start of capturing, in first 10-30 minutes. After crashing and restarting OBS capturing works good 1-2-3 hours (I didn't use it more time at once). And after some time, in next day for example, all of it repeats.

I'm not sure, but i think, some craches also I had when I tried to capture something with this plug-in when RTSS was turned on.
Without this plugin I have no one of this problems.
The plugin is excellent, a function like this should always be in OBS by default, it only has one problem and that is that when I installed and configured it I had to uninstall OBS since it kept crashing when I opened it, I hope it continues to improve so that it is more stable.
This is an excellent plugin. thaks... but i noticed it does not work with music production Daws like studio one or ableton. Nonetheless it works for other case uses.
Eu testei e aprovei! Suuuuuper top!

Fico muito feliz pela oportunidade e obviamente pelo seu esforço em disponibilizar um plugin tão simples, mas genial!
The latest beta made exiting OBS Studio fine. Working great for me with Discord, Pretzel Rocks and Lionboard to seperate audio and set all different audio levels.
This plugin is life changing for streamers. Thanks a lot!

And a qiestion... would this plugin as a source filter automaticaly switch the audio capture based on the aplication screen shown on the source? It would be a really good stuff!
Used to be amazing and much better than OBS's implementation. I wish they'd update it so the audio dropout after 30 minutes would stop.

The ability to make an audio source that includes everything except for one application is an invaluable addition that OBS needs to add if the dev of this plugin no longer has time to update it.
I have to ask this. I know this might sound dumb but how do I uninstall it if I want to update it and just know I did not download it yet since I would like to know how to uninstall it first
Thank you so much! This should be included in OBS by default please keep it up!
This is still a must-have because OBSes implementation doesn't have exclusion, unfortunately. So you can't really separate let's say all music and non-music sources.

I also don't experience any problems myself and I'm on latest OBS version.
You are my god
Works great on Window 10 21H1, I've had no problems with OBS itself picking up Audio from my applications. There are some application-specific quirks, especially related to audio sources in webbrowsers, but nothing I consider a dealbreaker.

On the whole, I think this plugin provides a feature that is Instrumental to streaming via OBS Studio.
A detail, I was with windows 11 and my obs was crashing every time it closed and giving a lot of error, I formatted the computer and installed windows 10 and the problem continued, I removed this plugin from my obs and now it's working normally, before I couldn't close it without task manager, so it doesn't work for me, but the idea is good, if I improve the plugin in the future, I'll remove this note.
Perfect if it didnt bug occasionally. FInding audio cuts out randomly on long streams but does come back. Not sure how to diagnose or fix. Working on making an asio link pro mix and just monitor everything through obs which is unfortunate
EXTREMELY useful. I usually record gameplays with some friends on discord. So this plugin is a life changer for me. :D
This plugin is incredible. When it works, it is arguably a feature that should be directly implemented into OBS. When it doesn't work, which is fairly often (at least in the latest version), it can cause headaches. Definitely keep an eye on this plugin as development continues.
Just what I've searching for a long time.
Just work like a charm.
Love it !!