Waveform 1.8.0

Superb OBS plugin! So many features to modify the output, it just works!

I have a cool idea to add to the list of visualizations. I'll reach out to see if the creator might consider it.
This works extremely well. Thank you. I've completely replaced the Spectralizer with this one. Not only does this have more features, but it seems to be more stable... specifically spectralizer would not handle sample rates below 512 samples, and yours has no such problem, so now I am able to set my hardware to use a lower supported sample setting (i.e. 190 samples) and thereby reduce my asio latency, etc.
I've been streaming on Windows with a 32-core Ryzen Threadripper, but the beast sucks power, and so I am trying to migrate everything over to my Mac M1X. Unfortunately, this plugin in one of only a few essential plugins that doesn't support Mac... Any plans to extend support to macos in future?

Thanks again
Glad you like it!
Unfortunately I don't have access to a mac to develop with and am not familiar with them in general so I'm simply unable to implement mac support at the moment.
WTF Thats F awesome! Thank U!
Works great! and the dev works fast to fix problems.
Does what you'd expect it to, seems to be very lightweight and performant which is something to be VERY aware of when adding stuff to OBS.

Highly configurable and intuitive to set up!
perfect version phandasm
Love this plugin, so full of features! So easy to use.
I liked the update
Previously used a tool I have written myself with a window capture, but happily deprecated it for this plugin, since it has more features and is directly integrated into OBS, giving it also better performance. Have been using it for a while already and hasn't failed me ever since.
Good plugin to visualize your audio sources!
Hey it works perfectly and all, I'd like to know is there anyway to install it on StreamLabs OBS too ?
I've not used StreamLabs OBS personally so I can't confirm for sure but from what I've heard OBS plugins don't work with SLOBS in general.
Its pretty good, works flawlessly with desktop audio.
love the work you guys do.