Waveform 1.8.0

It is more customisable than Spectrelizer and more visual appealing. New options can be added in the future but for now, it does what i need.
What an amazing visual plugin for audio only streaming
Really Cool, makes music streams look neat
just wow - amazing - been looking for this for soooo long !!!
Thank you
Works in 28.0.1 on my M1 MacBookPro. Great upgrade to spectralizer!
I love this thing. Exactly my thing. Different waveforms and styles for difference sources. The updates have been amazing and game changing for the type of nerd I am when it comes to visual representation of audio.
this plugin is amazing and I love it! thank you phandasm!!
I love how simple this is to use, and it just works.
DUDE!!! You're insane!!! Thank you soooo much. Im so HYPED. I'll recommend you to anyone who ask about a Visualiser plugin. It's COMPLETE. I've install it right now. Great update! Thank you so much once again. Have a great 2022!
This plugin is amazing, I started to use it for my streams :3, thank you!!!
This is brilliant and so helpful in monitoring audio without having to hear it for signal confirmation sake.
I like this plugins!
I love this, But one question, Im noticing that the visualizers, drop to 30fps for like 8 seconds and go back to the desired obs fps (60 in my case) is there a way to fix this or, Is it more of a hardware side issue? I use the Visualizers Live, I dont record, In other words I have the preview on full screen, Id love to know what it could be, Thankss
Love this sir! Thank you!
Plugin is amazing! Very little delay too! Can I make a suggestion? Make an option where if the volume reaches a certain dB, The waveform can change to the color the user selected. Just a suggestion. Great plugin and nice work!
very good plugin Phandasm keep it up
wirks w/27.2.1 just fine so far
Exactly what I needed. Works in 29.1.2.