Added support for obs-studio's builtin VLC source
Added option to allow leading/trailing spaces
Fixed a crash that occurred when the Spotify API returned a certain error code

This release also changed a lot of the back-end, so for now it's marked as a pre-release,
because I'd like to have it tested by others before I set it to a proper release
Changed outputs file path, because the previous one required admin rights.
Redacted sensible information in log
Cleaned up some logging
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Added option to output to multiple files
Added upper case format option
Added line break format option
Added option to assume playback is paused, if a certain string isn't found in the Window title,
e.g. when looking for Firefox, Tuna will assume playback is paused if "YouTube" isn't also found in the Title, preventing Tuna from displaying information that shouldn't be shown on stream.
Fixed memory leak that reallocated the sources after config reloading


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Tuna is now able to properly load and save config values containing ASCII (like '♫') and Unicode characters.

NOTE: I accidentally uploaded the client secret to Github, so I had to create a new one, which means the previous versions of tuna will not be able to use the spotify source anymore.
fixed crash when closing
fixed unicode not working on windows
fixed cover not switching to placeholder when paused
improved cover downloading